Saturday, 4 February 2012

Just a quickie...

Not to be negative or anything, but January and I haven't really got on this year.

A combination of feeling stressed, ill, dark nights and the cold have made me feel pretty down to the point where even shopping couldn't cheer me up *shock horror*.

But today something made me feel marginally better. Sparkly nails. I love that the tiny, frivolous things in life can make me feel that much better.

Today I hunted out my December glossybox and painted my nails with the sparkly Deborah Lipman (I should probably check the spelling of this..I have a feeling that Lipman maybe has 2 ps...and ns? but alas, I'm feeling lazy). Anyway, I was plesantly surprised. I love it! It's sparkly without being girly or trashy (not that these two things are necessarily bad). Looking at them makes me feel a little bit better :)

You can't really see the sparkliness of it here :( 
Despite feeling poo and having a ton of work to do, I managed to venture out to the supermarkert and Boots. 

I purchased a few more nail polishes (I've got a thing for nail polishes at the moment) a concealer and an eyeshadow. 

Rubbish picuture, but

Ahh, it's taking too long to upload.

I purchased 3 Natural Collection nail polishes:

1. Praline-a nice, pinky brown colour. 
2. Winter Moon- a white pearly varnish.
3. A clear polish which I have been using as a top coat. 

4. Eyeshow-Natural Collection shade 'asteroid'. 

I don't often wear eyeshadow, but I'd thought I'd give it a try after I heard that brown shades make blue eyes stand out. Always a good thing when you have blue eyes like I do. 

I also got a Natural Collection cream concealer in fair, because I have been getting a lot of blemishes recently. Stressblah. 

Oooh, I forgot, I got one more polish: a 17 'just in' one in sulk. Perfect for my January mood ;) 
It's a gorgeous perly emerald colour. 


Guess how much it all cost? Ready? Just £11 something. Bargainous.

After working for five hours straight (whilst ill) I'm feeling pretty zonked. Time to chill out on the sofa with S and drink some Bucks Fizz. A night of pure class...

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  1. I love the Deborah Lipman colour! I got it in my glossybox too and it's such a great colour for cheering yourself up!