Thursday, 31 October 2013

New month, new goals...

 Hello there.

Last month feels like such a blur. I've been so busy, which I secretly love (spare time scares me) but I have realised just how much better I feel when I take a rest and exercise and eat well. Surprise that, eh? Hmm. Towards the end of last term I felt so run down and ill, never rested, that it became the norm. There are certain things I can't change...working full time, doing a masters, tutoring and commuting for over an hour to work and an hour and a bit back each day can't be changed. But my eating and sleeping habits and general attitude can! Oh yeah, so enthusiastic there.

So this is what I aim *vow* to achieve this month:

Yesterday I went for my first non-forced run (ie, I didn't feel like I was about to fall asleep on the treadmill) and it felt SO good. I stepped off feeling nice and energised, like I could take on anything, which is how it should be. That was also due to listening to Hairspray songs and belting out 'Good Morning Baltimore' a hundred times. So yes. Exercise being helpful= acknowledged.

Next month's exercise: 

*I know I'm late to the bandwagon, but I want to try Jillian Michael's 30 day shred. 
So that, every day.  

*Using the treadmill for at least 30 mins 3X a week.

*Swimming once every 2 weeks.

Now I'm going to be a bit wishy-washy on this one. Basically, I want to eat a diet that looks something like this:

B/f: Big bowl of bran cereal to fuel me for the day.
L: on the a marmite sandwich and apple (was having protein bars)
D: I always struggle to think of ideas...but variation of tuna/broccoli or sweet potato and cottage cheese.

Possibly a few snacks too. We'll see how this goes, but I want to eat more healthily than I did this month!
I have a long commute so I get to read a fair bit. I want to start enjoying reading on the train again. At the moment I have been resorting to my course textbooks and Jacqueline Wilson books for comfort! I have a whole stack of books waiting for me, I just need to dare to delve into them.

I want to experiment with my outfits. I have a whole lot of clothes and usually stick to the same old outfits. Blogging here will help me to document/get inspirations, and my 'clothes for the week rail' that I purchased last week should help too (see below)

Do you have any aims for next month?  


Wednesday, 30 October 2013


And so I flip flop back here. Looking at my previous post...why did I think that focusing on a food blog would be my kind of thing?!! I never cook and eat on the go most of the time. So fickle.

Anyway, I've missed this little space, and now I've got a bit of time/am ill (holiday flu, yum) I'd thought I'd update/catch up with you lovely lot.

Apart from working like a mad thing, here's what I've been up to in my absence:

I'm a very lucky lady. In the Easter hols my partner (should I say boyfriend? sounds too young!) whisked me away to New York, which was amazing, to sum it up. Whilst we were there we got engaged. This is how it happened: we had been looking around museums all day and decided to walk through Central Park before going out for supper. Suddenly, something bashed me in the leg. I looked down, and saw a dog on a skateboard. No word of a lie, a DOG on a SKATEBOARD. At first I couldn't see its owner, so this dog cruising past with its tongue hanging out was the most hilarious thing I'd ever seen. I watched the dog skate around for a bit (no, he didn't have the ring in his mouth, ha). I'd insert a pic (he's actually quite famous, I looked him up on youtube after!) but my computer is being as slow as death, so I'll let you use your imaginations.

Anyway, after dog viewing, S suggested that we go to sit on a rock overlooking the park. I saw the rock, thought it was far too small to fit both of our bottoms on and suggested a much larger rock further down the hill. S agreed...little did I know he wanted the smaller one as a) it had a better view and b) it would be easier to get down on one knee! Oops. We went to the big rock, where I proceeded to take off my smelly shoes and rub my sore feet (ever the romantic) and then he got down on one knee (with difficulty) and asked me to be his wife. Anyone who still wants me sans shoes is a keeper! I don't like getting soppy, but let's just say it is one of my best moments ever. Well done bf/partner! I can say fiance now ;)

We also went to Pisa/Florence/Venice. What can I say, we (usually) make the most out of our holidays. I love Italy in general, but I was a bit overwhelmed by Florence (art, beauty...who said I wasn't a romantic?) and didn't feel settled inside until I got to Venice. There is something about being beside water that I find so calming. I could say so much more...maybe I'll do separate posts later, but I'm trying to keep this 'hey I'm back' one short (ish).

I'll leave you with a few recent photos. The 2 below are from a Beyonce party I went to.I was supposed to be Bey, but I was told that this was more of a Lady Gaga look...which I can see is definitely the case. Well, it's pretty hard to dress as someone who only wears bikinis and tiny shorts when you live in a cold and rainy Blighty. That's my excuse anyway. Still, I quite liked this outfit. 

And last but not least, I treated myself to some furry, wine coloured shoes. Lovely.