Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cleaning up...

Seems I've needed to do a LOT of tidying up recently (and still have lots to do). Since I've started working my living room has become an ode to paper. The stuff is all over the place, and I feel like I can't move it until I have 'finished' with it, which seems to be not yet.

*ALSO BIG WOE* My computer got a virus and my lovely computery boyfriend (hate that word...sounds so childish!) spent all day trying to 'clean' it for me. Which might have to involve wiping everything off of my computer. All I did was look at house prices in Maidenhead. Yeesh.

I have been using his big beast of a PC to do my work on today. On the floor. Ha. If anyone came into our living room right now they would think we have had a mad dog running around it and knocking things all over the place. Or something like that.

I've also tidied out my wardrobe. Sort of. I haven't actually disposed of anything (though I probably should) but I've been trying things on, seeing what I have.

So this is my humble little wardrobe. It used to be organised (skirts together, shirts, cardigans etc) but life got in the way. Grr, I hate being so messy.

Outfit 1- ha, you can see my mess in the background *fireplaces are not for storing things*. Ok, I'll stop moaning about mess now.

I'm not sure what I think of this cable knit cardigan (er, or my face).  I purchased it last year from topshop petite range (and it wasn't too cheap either) and I have worn it about once since. It is so warm, but a bit too bulky for my liking.

Outfit 2- again with the black dress. This is one of my cheap but reliable Primark cardies that I mentioned I own in (almost) every colour available. I'm loving this 'wine' colour at the moment (and red wine too...a bit too much). And I'm not usually one for belts, what with their tendency to draw attention to the waist, dig into my tummy after lunch etc, but hmm,I think it looks ok here. I will be trying out more belts with outfits in the future. The one in this photo was a mere £1 from Primark.

Outfit 3- a stripy dress from H&M. Pulling a not-too-flattering pose. The dress is quite flimsy so perfect for the hot weather (or my boiling living room) but it can be teamed with tights and a cardi for winter too. My summer and winter wardrobe doesn't really differ much as I think that adding black tights to anything generally makes an outfit winter worthy.

Outfit 4- a red dress from Hobbs. I still haven't worn this dress yet, but I love the colour. Do I manage to pull it off, or am I too pale for such a vibrant colour? Not my usual colour anyway. Most people at work describe me as the blonde girl who always wears black!

Outfit 5- my leather jacket and cosy scarf. Again, I haven't worn this jacket very much. I think I should wear it more often. I feel quite *cool* it in ;)

By the way, I would wear all of these outfits to work. There isn't much of a distinction between my work and play clothes...maybe because I wear lounge clothes when I am at home. Or don't have a life :/

I went to the new Westfield in Stratford the other day and purchased a few bit and pieces. Will write about that tomorrow as I've waffled on a fair bit now.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments :) xxx

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Get Your PJs On!

I love pyjamas. I love how comfy they are, how cosy and snug I feel in them and if I'm honest how much more confident I feel when I'm wearing them. As soon as I peel my day clothes off and put on my 'nightwear' any body insecurities diminish and I feel myself. So if I could wear pjs all day, everyday then I probably would. Well, maybe, I would miss the prettyness of normal clothes and all that.

As it's half term, I've been spending most of my time in my pjs trying to (ish) persuade myself to work. As I wear them all the time, it's only fair that I have a variety of pjs.

Want to take a peek?

This is one of my faves. It's a onesie that I purchased online late one night whilst writing my dissertation at uni. I needed a pick me up and this was it. It's extremely cosy, but a wee bit too big. This wouldn't be an issue if it didn't have little booties at the bottom. This is my go to outfit when we have wear-your-pjs to work day :)


I am also a massive fan of big t-shirts. I wish I could say that I steal by boyfriend's, but alas, I buy my own. His are not big enough to satisfy my love for the oversized (sounds a bit wrong...). I usually wear these as night dresses if it's warm enough in the house. This one is from Italy (Rome to be precise) and it was only about 1 Euro. Bargain!

I got this one from an ice cream shop called G&D's in Oxford. Bit random really, but I liked it. I also love colourful pj bottoms, like these ones from a thrift store in New Orleans (not all of my clothes are from such unusual places!) Cosy cosy cosy.


A supersize jumper from my uni days, when I was a member of a hill walking society.I can't beat the feeling I get when I slip that on after a day's work (I'm starting to sound old and fuddy-duddy now...ah well, I'm no longer a teen. Sob sob).

I got this when I went skiing last year. It was the last XL left in the shop and the bemused French sales assistant couldn't understand why I wanted one several sizes too big. He thought he wasn't pronouncing XL properly even though I can see the size of the thing! Love it.

So yeah, the general theme is that I like BIG. 

I also tidied my wardrobe today and tried on a few ensembles (such productive days..hmm) but I'll leave that until tomorrow.

For now I'll leave you with a picture of my wonderful new Starbucks tumbler, which is both practical and beautiful. It will come in really handy at work, as there are never any mugs. However, I have spilled tea on the carpet twice, even though it has a lid on it. I never spill tea when it is in cups! Maybe it's because it's tall...or maybe I am subconsciously testing it out.

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far :) Oh, and I also apologise for my bad poses, I do not like looking at the camera.

Bye for now :) xxx

PS Who is looking forward to Christmas? I am.Well, the build up anyway. It will feel closer to the big day when the red cups come out at Starbucks (clearly a child of a capitalist society. Oh yeah).

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I've had a little space on the blogosphere for a while now (for viewing purposes only) but the day I decide to actually write something google decides to go and disable my account! Well, my uni email address expired which I think confused it (you can tell I'm great with technology).

Anyway, I decided to create a new account as I've finally decided I want to be a blogger not just look at others and go 'ooooh!' I can still do that though. The main catalyst for this change was watching Zoella and All That Glitters' (don't know how to link yet!) video about getting started with blogging. I've been following them for a while on blogspot (sound stalkerish now) and think they're great :) I guess I want to write about 'fashion' (I use the term loosely...things I see and like or buy rather than high fashion) and general stuff. I like writing, especially when I am aloooooone in the house like today.

I'm also trying to avoid work but ho hum. It's a good distraction.

*photo pause*

Er yeah, a great photo. I took it myself and forgot to set the timer. Not that my facial expressions are any better when the timer is on.

I purchased the dress from H&M. It has little paperclips all over it. I love 'quirkly' little dresses like this. The belt is from good 'ole Primark. I don't tend to wear belts as I seem to have inadvertantly made the 'shapeless black bag' look my signature look, but things can change. I quite like the belt actually....

*Photo of dress take 2*

My photo taking skills can only get better....

As I've already mentioned, the belt is from Primark. I took a little trip to my local Primark (which is actually the Oxford Street branch) yesterday. Once inside I. Could. Not. Breathe. I made the mistake of layering up and stupidly thinking that not many people would be there during a working day. But I was wrong. It was so incredibly hot and busy. If one place is going to induce a panic attack in me then that's the one. I am being a bit dramatic, but it was busy!

Despite this, I did manage to buy a few things. Firstly, I picked up a cute little cable knit jumper, in what I thought was a size 8. Finally moving away from the shapeless black bag look I thought. Not so. I didn't try it on due to the madbusyness and it was only when I got home to examine my goodies that I realised I got a size 18. Too big, even for a lover of oversized clothes. I will be taking that back, when I can brave Primark again.

I also purchased a green cardigan for work. I have these little cardigans in every colour now (bar bright pink, though I'm not ruling it out). They are really comfy and practical, which is all you need sometimes. I don't have a photo of this one as my camera just died.

I do, however, have a photo of my next purchase.

This is a bit out of character for me but I liked the weekend reference. I will probably wear it to lounge around the house in (cos let's face it, when I get home from work I do a lot of lounging).

Because I'm cool, I also picked up a few other items whilst waiting to pay (does anyone else buy things they wouldn't otherwise have because it was near the queue? Damn shopping psychology). I got an assortment of hygiene products.

I was reluctant to buy the face wipes as they are so cheapie (2 for £1? What?!) but I also bought them because of that fact. I'll give them a go.

I also saw some lovely winter boots, but unfortunately they didn't have any in my size :( I am a 2-3- well, 1 foot is a 2 1/2 the other is 3. Wonky and small. My friend said I have hooves, not feet, but I'm quite happy with them.

Anyway, enough about feet, I'm going to comment on other blogs and will hopefully make blogger friends.

Bye for now :)