Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Get Your PJs On!

I love pyjamas. I love how comfy they are, how cosy and snug I feel in them and if I'm honest how much more confident I feel when I'm wearing them. As soon as I peel my day clothes off and put on my 'nightwear' any body insecurities diminish and I feel myself. So if I could wear pjs all day, everyday then I probably would. Well, maybe, I would miss the prettyness of normal clothes and all that.

As it's half term, I've been spending most of my time in my pjs trying to (ish) persuade myself to work. As I wear them all the time, it's only fair that I have a variety of pjs.

Want to take a peek?

This is one of my faves. It's a onesie that I purchased online late one night whilst writing my dissertation at uni. I needed a pick me up and this was it. It's extremely cosy, but a wee bit too big. This wouldn't be an issue if it didn't have little booties at the bottom. This is my go to outfit when we have wear-your-pjs to work day :)


I am also a massive fan of big t-shirts. I wish I could say that I steal by boyfriend's, but alas, I buy my own. His are not big enough to satisfy my love for the oversized (sounds a bit wrong...). I usually wear these as night dresses if it's warm enough in the house. This one is from Italy (Rome to be precise) and it was only about 1 Euro. Bargain!

I got this one from an ice cream shop called G&D's in Oxford. Bit random really, but I liked it. I also love colourful pj bottoms, like these ones from a thrift store in New Orleans (not all of my clothes are from such unusual places!) Cosy cosy cosy.


A supersize jumper from my uni days, when I was a member of a hill walking society.I can't beat the feeling I get when I slip that on after a day's work (I'm starting to sound old and fuddy-duddy now...ah well, I'm no longer a teen. Sob sob).

I got this when I went skiing last year. It was the last XL left in the shop and the bemused French sales assistant couldn't understand why I wanted one several sizes too big. He thought he wasn't pronouncing XL properly even though I can see the size of the thing! Love it.

So yeah, the general theme is that I like BIG. 

I also tidied my wardrobe today and tried on a few ensembles (such productive days..hmm) but I'll leave that until tomorrow.

For now I'll leave you with a picture of my wonderful new Starbucks tumbler, which is both practical and beautiful. It will come in really handy at work, as there are never any mugs. However, I have spilled tea on the carpet twice, even though it has a lid on it. I never spill tea when it is in cups! Maybe it's because it's tall...or maybe I am subconsciously testing it out.

Thank you to everyone who has commented so far :) Oh, and I also apologise for my bad poses, I do not like looking at the camera.

Bye for now :) xxx

PS Who is looking forward to Christmas? I am.Well, the build up anyway. It will feel closer to the big day when the red cups come out at Starbucks (clearly a child of a capitalist society. Oh yeah).


  1. Love the sheep pjs and I'm also a fan of XL tees for sleep. I don't wear tees with slogans on during the day, but at night I can wear my political views without getting into a fight!

  2. Oh wow I do kind of love your onesie! The pattern is pretty cool, and it looks so snug!

    I live in plaid pjs and thick fluffy socks all winter - blissful!

  3. Oh, you had smiling all the way through this post! I too am fond of perculiar bedwear....I do own proper pjs, but I tend to end up in oversized t-shirts and comfy bottoms and thick warm hoodies....I just tend to end up uncomfortable in regular bedwear....I have been eyeing up a onesie because I've a sneaking suspion that I'd rather like it!

    I also spend an extraordinary amount of time lusting over recepticals to put my tea in....especially starbucks/coffee shop based travel mugs...not that I travel that much at all! But yeah, I find that a mug like that is easier to tip over for some reason....except I cant claim that I dont spill normal cups of tea!

    Finally, I get sooooo excited when the red cups come back....which to which most people just roll their eyes at me...I've a feeling that most people I know dont get as excited about christmas as I do!