Saturday, 26 November 2011


I'm currently sitting in bed, as snug as a bug, with my sheep onesie on as it's finally cold enough to wear (!) (see PJ post) and the lappytop lusting after christmas gifts. Well, S (the boyfriend) did ask so why not...

Here is what I came up with:

David and Goliath pjs. Because you can never have too many pjs and I think these are really cute. God I'm sounding shallow today. It's been a long week at work ;)

Miss Selfridge Bodycon dress. 

I would really like a 'going out' dress too. Last week I went to a club for a hen party (I rarely go out these days) and realised I only have one or two dressy uppy dresses. I know that I don't go clubbing that often, but I will be going to hen parties which usually involve clubbing so I will wear it. Plus, this dress can double up as a 'smart' dress for a trip to the theatre or something. Hmm, not sure. Maybe I should be more daring and get a sequin dress....

like this. Also from Miss Selfridge. I'm a bit like a magpie, I do love a bit of sparkle. But this could look a bit cheap and strictly's certainly not cheap (in my opinion) at £150! Or maybe that is reasonable. I'm used to Primark prices now so anything over £30 seems too much.

I'd also quite like some Soap and Glory goodness. I've heard it's good.

And finally for my poor dry hair...
Again, I've heard that this is really good too (from a reliable cousin!) It's supposed to nourish, soften and create shine. I'll let you know.

I'm also considering a Glossybox subscription, but I'm worried about getting products that won't suit my pale skin  and that I'll never use. I know part of the fun is the element of surprise, but I'm not so sure....

What do you want for Christmas?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

American Apperal Haul

How do you pronounce it-App-arel or Ap-ar-el?

Anyway, work avoidance last night led to an online shopping session. I was looking for a faux leather skirt (to go with the holey jumper in the previous post) but I got distracted, as predicted. I kinda feel justified in my purchases though. Let me explain...

I have a long black swooshy skirt that I LOVE wearing. It is to me what jeans are to a lot of people. I feel really comfortable in it and that it goes with most things. Truthfully though, I would probably feel more comfortable in other 'bottoms' if I were thinner. I like this skirt because it covers me up too. Let me see if I have a picture of it somewhere...
Ah yes, this was taken a year ago in Rome. Lovely weather. Not one of my best outfits, but I can't find another one as my computer is being a bit of a doofus and not letting me view everything. But yes, the skirt.

On AA last night I found skirts in a similar style on sale for a mere £10.50. It makes sense for me to invest in these as I would definitely wear them lots, so I did. I bought the same skirt in 3 colours. *sadIknow*

So here is the American Apperal skirt. This is not the most flattering colour (in my opinion). I got it in black (cos I'm so adventurous), cranberry and olive. The only size they had left was XS for the cranberry colour, so I got that, but I might be a bit self-conscious if it's too tight!

Does anyone know what AA sizing is like?

I also purchased a few sheer style tops. I would probably (definitely) wear them with something underneath, but I still think they're pretty cool and love the colours.

I got this colour in size M (I like things to be a bit baggy) and in light blue. They were also on sale at £6 each.

I also got a tank top version of this top in asphalt and black. They were £5 each.

I love AA style, but I usually find that it's a bit too expensive. Yay for sales!

I will show you what these look like on when they arrive.

Now I better start preparing for work next week. Happy Sunday everyone. xx

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday Walk

Every Saturday I drag my boyfriend for a walk around a park/heath; last week it was Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, this week it was Hampstead Heath. I absolutely love these walks, especially on a crisp autumnal day like today. We explored nooks that we hadn't been to before and had a nose around the little streets surrounding the heath. I want to live there one day!

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago when I had long hair (I decided to have it all chopped off...sob sob...for a mere £9 though. A bargainous disaster at least). A tree with a hole that you can fit inside! Coolio.

We also saw a group of girls (bloggers?) doing an ANTM style photoshoot, with big messy be-twigged hair and raggedy clothes.

I just posed awkwardly on a log.

Then in a tree.

After our rather long walk we paid a visit to the bucks of Star and discovered that they were doing a buy one get one free offer on their Christmas drinks! I decided to sample a skinny gingerbread latte, but didn't enjoy it too much. Think I'll stick to my chai tea latte next time.

So excited that the red cups are out though! Not long 'til Christmas :) Feeling a bit like a bid kid this year, especially as I am going to Paris in the Christmas holidays.

I bought this jumper from Forever 21 not too long ago as I thought it would look good tucked into a knee length leather skirt. However, I have yet to find a skirt that fits this description. Where can you get a good, affordable (faux) leather skirt from? I will have a little look online in a moment, though I am a bit reluctant to enter my card details on this laptop since it had a virus last week. It might still be lurking somewhere!

Sorry for the slapdash nature of this post, I just felt like posting!

I'll leave you with two more little images from today.

Outside Hampstead Police Station. Thought this was a very English scene. Due to the old school lamps and telephone box rather than the English frequently getting in trouble with the law.

Our feet amongst the crisp brown leaves. Note my child stlye Clarks shoes. I love these because they are so comfortable, but I have now upgraded to 'adult shoes' for work to avoid looking and feeling like a child.

If you have, thanks for reading my Saturday ramble :)