Sunday, 6 November 2011

American Apperal Haul

How do you pronounce it-App-arel or Ap-ar-el?

Anyway, work avoidance last night led to an online shopping session. I was looking for a faux leather skirt (to go with the holey jumper in the previous post) but I got distracted, as predicted. I kinda feel justified in my purchases though. Let me explain...

I have a long black swooshy skirt that I LOVE wearing. It is to me what jeans are to a lot of people. I feel really comfortable in it and that it goes with most things. Truthfully though, I would probably feel more comfortable in other 'bottoms' if I were thinner. I like this skirt because it covers me up too. Let me see if I have a picture of it somewhere...
Ah yes, this was taken a year ago in Rome. Lovely weather. Not one of my best outfits, but I can't find another one as my computer is being a bit of a doofus and not letting me view everything. But yes, the skirt.

On AA last night I found skirts in a similar style on sale for a mere £10.50. It makes sense for me to invest in these as I would definitely wear them lots, so I did. I bought the same skirt in 3 colours. *sadIknow*

So here is the American Apperal skirt. This is not the most flattering colour (in my opinion). I got it in black (cos I'm so adventurous), cranberry and olive. The only size they had left was XS for the cranberry colour, so I got that, but I might be a bit self-conscious if it's too tight!

Does anyone know what AA sizing is like?

I also purchased a few sheer style tops. I would probably (definitely) wear them with something underneath, but I still think they're pretty cool and love the colours.

I got this colour in size M (I like things to be a bit baggy) and in light blue. They were also on sale at £6 each.

I also got a tank top version of this top in asphalt and black. They were £5 each.

I love AA style, but I usually find that it's a bit too expensive. Yay for sales!

I will show you what these look like on when they arrive.

Now I better start preparing for work next week. Happy Sunday everyone. xx


  1. Those skirts are lovely & it deffo makes sense to buy it all the colours! x

  2. Got to love sales & flirty/swooshy skirts - I say good byes my lovely! Look forward to seeing your purchases on you. xxx