Saturday, 26 November 2011


I'm currently sitting in bed, as snug as a bug, with my sheep onesie on as it's finally cold enough to wear (!) (see PJ post) and the lappytop lusting after christmas gifts. Well, S (the boyfriend) did ask so why not...

Here is what I came up with:

David and Goliath pjs. Because you can never have too many pjs and I think these are really cute. God I'm sounding shallow today. It's been a long week at work ;)

Miss Selfridge Bodycon dress. 

I would really like a 'going out' dress too. Last week I went to a club for a hen party (I rarely go out these days) and realised I only have one or two dressy uppy dresses. I know that I don't go clubbing that often, but I will be going to hen parties which usually involve clubbing so I will wear it. Plus, this dress can double up as a 'smart' dress for a trip to the theatre or something. Hmm, not sure. Maybe I should be more daring and get a sequin dress....

like this. Also from Miss Selfridge. I'm a bit like a magpie, I do love a bit of sparkle. But this could look a bit cheap and strictly's certainly not cheap (in my opinion) at £150! Or maybe that is reasonable. I'm used to Primark prices now so anything over £30 seems too much.

I'd also quite like some Soap and Glory goodness. I've heard it's good.

And finally for my poor dry hair...
Again, I've heard that this is really good too (from a reliable cousin!) It's supposed to nourish, soften and create shine. I'll let you know.

I'm also considering a Glossybox subscription, but I'm worried about getting products that won't suit my pale skin  and that I'll never use. I know part of the fun is the element of surprise, but I'm not so sure....

What do you want for Christmas?


  1. Those pjs are amazing!

    I'm very much into the party dress atm, but you're right, is it just because of the time of year that I do? I'm partial to a bit of sparkle myself so I'd be lured in by it too!

    I agree with your sister....having gotten a soap and glory set for xmas last year I'd definitely say one should go on the list! Also I've used Kerastase before and found it to be quite a good range.

    I'm on the fence with the glossybox subscription...the reasons you've given are the same as my own reservations....if you're pale then its likely that a 'one size fits all' box is likely to not do so!

  2. Oooh the PJs & the sparkly number are filling my with lust & happiness beautiful. You would look lovely sparkly, & when are PJs not justified?!

    It does feel like Wish list making time - why does December do that to us? 'If in doubt make lists' hmmm?