Saturday, 3 December 2011

Winter Warmth

I went to the Westfield at Stratford today AGAIN. I really like it there, even though Oxford Street is pretty much on my doorstep. There is something about having lots of shops under one roof that I really like!

My main reason for being there was to purchase some Christmas goodies for my family, but, as usual, I saw lots of things that I liked too. I managed to restrict myself to one winter coat, because I really did need one (honest). It's so nice and toasty and fits perfectly. I got it from Topshop petite range (size 6...but I think it's supposed to be oversized as I'm not usually a 6. Nice to know it fitted though!) It was down £30 to £55, which I think is a bargain for something I'll wear again and again.

Here it is:
Er, yeah, sorry about the pjs. And the face.

My computer is taking absolutely ages to upload photos tonight! Not good. I have a few more photos, but I'm an impatient person.

I went into the Hollister store today. To be honest, I wasn't too fond of the whole low lighting thing. I felt like a granny as I wandered around the store thinking 'I wish I could see this product a bit better'. I bumped into a fair few people too (literally) but then I have no spacial awareness so that probably had nothing to do with the lighting.

The clothes themselves are great. It does feel like an American version of Jack Wills though. And I am a JW fan, so I think I'll stick with them.

Right, let's see if the photo uploader is working this time...

Just the coat from another angle. I'm usually not a fan of (faux) fur collars, but I really like this one. As you can see from the bag in the background, I also purchased a few other things from Topshop, but I'll show you those another day.

One thing I can show you (if the uploader manages to work quickly enough!) is my new Topshop nail polish. It's called 'without a clue'. It's very cutsey and understated, which I'm quite liking at the moment. It's a new favourite, along with my nude Nails Inc. polish (which I got free with diet coke-bargain!)

I'm off to a wedding tomorrow. I love a good wedding!

Hope you're all having a good weekend xx


  1. Nice coat. I like the furry hood.
    Meh...I'm lusting over a ridiculously expensive Barbour one (not going to happen).

    Have yet to go into a Hollister or any shop with low lighting and semi-naked people workers at the door.
    The one in my Westfield (Shepherds Bush one) always seems to have a long queue too (as does the Ugg shop and Mac cosmetic store too).

    Enjoy the wedding. :)

  2. Good find with the coat m'lovely. I am terrible with coats, I generally don't like them, they seem to make my shortness yet more short & I start to look like a small child playing 'dress up'. But I am in love with your find!

    Cute nail colour - I have the nude you mentioned too! x