Friday, 23 December 2011's been a while. I am currently listening to Boyzone whilst drinking medicinal tasting ginger wine. My nails have been painted orange and I am ready to go to S's parents for the remainder of the festive period. Woooo.

I went to Paris earlier in the are some pics. I ate like a horse for the duration though, so my face (and the rest of my body) is rather bloated. Eugh. Enough about that...

I could gush all day about how lovelystunningwinefilled Paris is, but I won't. Suffice to say, it was AH-MAZING (I'm good with words, you see). We walked, we visited famous sites (and took the obligatory photos next to them), consumed lots of cheap vin (we even purchased wine for 1 euro 35 from the supermarket! Insane! Haven't yet tasted it, but will let you know) and ate lots of food. One night I had a 'veggie plate' which consisted of mash, pumpkin soup and cabbage! Yes it was yum.

We also visited the Christmas market. I would love to go to the home of the Christmas market, Germany, next year. There's something about them that makes Christmas 'real' for me, if that makes sense. La le la. *The wine's not going to my head or anything*.

I've been planning (head stage only) holidays for the summer and next winter. I would love to go to New York, Florence, Venice and Prague. I like little city breaks.

Ooh, I have new cosy penguin Christmas socks. Tres cool.

Sorry for the random nature of this post; I'm going to go now, before I further reveal just how weird I am!

And on that note HAPPY CHRISTMAS everyone. Hmm, I was going to say I'll show you the pressies I got in the new year, but my focus seems to be on the material. Watching the comedy 'Rev' made me think that it should be about more than that (yep, the things that make me think nowadays!) I used to be really religious, but I'm not anymore. Christmas should still be about more than presents...maybe I'll volunteer at a homeless shelter or something (thanks Rev).

OK really this time- BYE for now and have a great Christmas :) xxxxx