Saturday, 5 November 2011

Saturday Walk

Every Saturday I drag my boyfriend for a walk around a park/heath; last week it was Regent's Park and Primrose Hill, this week it was Hampstead Heath. I absolutely love these walks, especially on a crisp autumnal day like today. We explored nooks that we hadn't been to before and had a nose around the little streets surrounding the heath. I want to live there one day!

This picture was actually taken a few weeks ago when I had long hair (I decided to have it all chopped off...sob sob...for a mere £9 though. A bargainous disaster at least). A tree with a hole that you can fit inside! Coolio.

We also saw a group of girls (bloggers?) doing an ANTM style photoshoot, with big messy be-twigged hair and raggedy clothes.

I just posed awkwardly on a log.

Then in a tree.

After our rather long walk we paid a visit to the bucks of Star and discovered that they were doing a buy one get one free offer on their Christmas drinks! I decided to sample a skinny gingerbread latte, but didn't enjoy it too much. Think I'll stick to my chai tea latte next time.

So excited that the red cups are out though! Not long 'til Christmas :) Feeling a bit like a bid kid this year, especially as I am going to Paris in the Christmas holidays.

I bought this jumper from Forever 21 not too long ago as I thought it would look good tucked into a knee length leather skirt. However, I have yet to find a skirt that fits this description. Where can you get a good, affordable (faux) leather skirt from? I will have a little look online in a moment, though I am a bit reluctant to enter my card details on this laptop since it had a virus last week. It might still be lurking somewhere!

Sorry for the slapdash nature of this post, I just felt like posting!

I'll leave you with two more little images from today.

Outside Hampstead Police Station. Thought this was a very English scene. Due to the old school lamps and telephone box rather than the English frequently getting in trouble with the law.

Our feet amongst the crisp brown leaves. Note my child stlye Clarks shoes. I love these because they are so comfortable, but I have now upgraded to 'adult shoes' for work to avoid looking and feeling like a child.

If you have, thanks for reading my Saturday ramble :)


  1. Hello I am new to blogspot, but I have been a subscriber of yrs on xanga for forever as pinkana22. I love long walks!! I am glad you are doing well!!

  2. Looks like a beautiful walk - it's such a wonderful time of year to be outside!

    I am loving the starbucks red cups too - getting too excited trying all thier christmas drinks!

  3. I love your blog - really personal! Thanks for following mine :) Did you follow on blogger or bloglovin? Your name hasn't come up yet :( xx xx