Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I've had a little space on the blogosphere for a while now (for viewing purposes only) but the day I decide to actually write something google decides to go and disable my account! Well, my uni email address expired which I think confused it (you can tell I'm great with technology).

Anyway, I decided to create a new account as I've finally decided I want to be a blogger not just look at others and go 'ooooh!' I can still do that though. The main catalyst for this change was watching Zoella and All That Glitters' (don't know how to link yet!) video about getting started with blogging. I've been following them for a while on blogspot (sound stalkerish now) and think they're great :) I guess I want to write about 'fashion' (I use the term loosely...things I see and like or buy rather than high fashion) and general stuff. I like writing, especially when I am aloooooone in the house like today.

I'm also trying to avoid work but ho hum. It's a good distraction.

*photo pause*

Er yeah, a great photo. I took it myself and forgot to set the timer. Not that my facial expressions are any better when the timer is on.

I purchased the dress from H&M. It has little paperclips all over it. I love 'quirkly' little dresses like this. The belt is from good 'ole Primark. I don't tend to wear belts as I seem to have inadvertantly made the 'shapeless black bag' look my signature look, but things can change. I quite like the belt actually....

*Photo of dress take 2*

My photo taking skills can only get better....

As I've already mentioned, the belt is from Primark. I took a little trip to my local Primark (which is actually the Oxford Street branch) yesterday. Once inside I. Could. Not. Breathe. I made the mistake of layering up and stupidly thinking that not many people would be there during a working day. But I was wrong. It was so incredibly hot and busy. If one place is going to induce a panic attack in me then that's the one. I am being a bit dramatic, but it was busy!

Despite this, I did manage to buy a few things. Firstly, I picked up a cute little cable knit jumper, in what I thought was a size 8. Finally moving away from the shapeless black bag look I thought. Not so. I didn't try it on due to the madbusyness and it was only when I got home to examine my goodies that I realised I got a size 18. Too big, even for a lover of oversized clothes. I will be taking that back, when I can brave Primark again.

I also purchased a green cardigan for work. I have these little cardigans in every colour now (bar bright pink, though I'm not ruling it out). They are really comfy and practical, which is all you need sometimes. I don't have a photo of this one as my camera just died.

I do, however, have a photo of my next purchase.

This is a bit out of character for me but I liked the weekend reference. I will probably wear it to lounge around the house in (cos let's face it, when I get home from work I do a lot of lounging).

Because I'm cool, I also picked up a few other items whilst waiting to pay (does anyone else buy things they wouldn't otherwise have because it was near the queue? Damn shopping psychology). I got an assortment of hygiene products.

I was reluctant to buy the face wipes as they are so cheapie (2 for £1? What?!) but I also bought them because of that fact. I'll give them a go.

I also saw some lovely winter boots, but unfortunately they didn't have any in my size :( I am a 2-3- well, 1 foot is a 2 1/2 the other is 3. Wonky and small. My friend said I have hooves, not feet, but I'm quite happy with them.

Anyway, enough about feet, I'm going to comment on other blogs and will hopefully make blogger friends.

Bye for now :)


  1. Hello hello. Just thought I'd pop over and say...err...hello. It's tea7tree over from x.

    Going into the Oxford Street branch of Primark makes me want to kill myself...or others so I tend to avoid it unless I know exactly what I'm looking for.


  2. Yep, I definately like your writing, no matter where you blog :) I love London but usually try to avoid anywhere near Oxford street hehehehe I do miss shopping at Primark though. Last time I went there was to shop for my little baby. Never thought I'd do this, but once I became a mother I can help being a bit crazy about baby girl clothes :P :P :P