Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Outfit of the Day

I adore snuggly oversized cardigans and believe that you can never have too many. They are warm, comfortable and go with pretty much anything. What's not to like?

This one is from Topshop. It was on sale when I got it last week, and I paid £20 for it. They have some lovely oversized jumpers/cardis in Topshop at the moment, but I can't justify spending £30 on what is often a piece of flimsy material. Or maybe my idea of how much things should cost has become skewed by the cheapness of Primark. My brother thinks so. He said that a tee should cost 'about £12' and a jumper 'about £15'. That settles it then.

Posey Posey. This is my first outfit post outside the house. People were lookng, but what the hey.

  I don't know if you can see, but my dress has little cats all over it. I love cats, but I can't get one at the moment as I live in rented accommodation, so I have to make do with catclothes :( I love this dress from H&M. It is very flimsy material, so you have to layer it up to go out in these freezing climes.

So a summary:

Oversized cardi- £20 Topshop sale
Cat print dress- apx £15 H&M (sorry, I don't think they stock it anymore)
Ring (If you look carefully you can see it!) £3 H&M
Necklace- next to nothing, charity shop.

Speaking of rings, in Company magazine recently they offered 50% off of certain rings at the shop Lola Rose. I was really excited about one of them, the Keeley Ring (in yellow specifically). In the magazine it pictured the ring with RRP £43.50 written on it. Now, to me, RRP means the original cost, not cost AFTER reduction. So that would price the ring at about £20 something which I was willing to pay.

Not so. I excitedly went onto the website only to find that they had retailed it at £87 and so the £43.50 WAS the price after reduction. Now I cannot justify spending that much on such a ring and so I didn't get it :(

What does RRP mean people? Recommended Retail Price. So why is it not the retail price eh? Did they purposefully put their prices up? Am I wrong to complain.

*Rant over* I just really liked that ring tis all.

I'll stop waffling for now.

Byesy Bye.


  1. Love the oversized cardigan! And the colour is awesome. Wishing it was time to purchase some of those here, its way to hot in Australia at the moment! :)

  2. Love the colour of the Cardigan, I think I need to buy a few more but I want Summer to come sooo bad! xx

  3. Hey interested in a collab. can you pleas email xo

  4. That mustard shade is so pretty! And the cat print is adorable.

    Courtney ~

  5. You look lovely! That is stupid about the price, rrp means shop value not after a discount. x hivenn

  6. that's so crap about the price of the rings! I'd write and complain about how misleading it is.

    LOVE your mustard cardi <3

  7. love the color of the cardigan!

  8. love the colour of this cardigan. that does sound misleading, nothing worse when you are ready to shop! xxx