Thursday, 16 February 2012

An Ode to my Topshop Coat

I love my Topshop Coat.

I got it on sale just before christmas for around £80 (sorry for all these vaugeities), and I am pleased to say that it has served me well. I often think that fur hoods can look a teensy bit tacky, but this one doesn't scream that. It is subtle, but there if that makes sense (which it probably doesn't, but I know what I mean). As well as looking cute, the hood serves the practical purpose of ALWAYS keeping my hair and face dry and warn. The coat goes well with whatever I wear (primarily as it covers everything up, unlike my leather jacket or North Face walking coat...stylish, yup).

I often find it difficult to buy winter coats that I like, so I'm glad that I stumbled across this one. Plus, I got it in a size 6 in the petite section. I know that it is an oversized coat and all, but that still gave me a little boost.

Have you found a perfect winter coat this year?


  1. Ode indeed :) i love the coat on you, you look really great!!! and topshop is THE best!!

    love K

  2. that's a lovely coat! i've been living in my leather jacket this winter! and yes bottle green shorts are my favourite too :)

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  3. It's such a lovely coat! You look really lovely in it :)

    I never find things I like in Topshop until I can't afford them haha.

    Thank you for the comment on my blog, following you now too!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  4. Love your blog, following now! =)
    This coat is gorgeous! x

  5. That coat is lovely as well as your shoes:) I have a giveaway on my blog so feel free to join it:)

  6. I just found a winter coat in Topshop three weeks ago! I felt guilty for buying it because it isn't even winter anymore -thank god for that cold snap! It's rusty brown with a satin-lined hood and I love it. You can see it on my blog : ) Your coat looks fab - I understand the ode to coat thing! x

    Ship-Shape & Bristol Fashion

  7. I'm terrible at coat shopping and don't have a winter coat at all! I see people with such lovely coats like yours but never seem to see any I like when I go shopping :(

  8. It really looks good! :) I just LOVE Topshop and I'm always happy when I'm in the UK to have the possibility to shop there ;) Best wishes from Germany

  9. The coat looks lovely on you, and so cosy! xx

  10. Looks lovely!

    And as a matter of fact, I did:) My mom happened to pull it from the racks for me. There was only one and it happened to fit perfectly. It took some getting used to as I had something else in my head entirely, but now I simply adore it<3

  11. This is a really cute coat :)

    Laura xoxo