Sunday, 12 February 2012

Topshop Nails and Dry Faces

On Friday I took myself to Westfield for a spot of retail therapy. At the moment I'm really enjoying experimenting with nail varish. I've been wearing a different colour every few days, which is a bit of a mixed blessing. It's good because it means that I wear different things and use what I have, but on the other hand it's not so good because most applications barely lasts two days!

I don't know how long I expect polish to last for..I guess at least 2-3 days. The Deborah Lippmann (turns out it does have 2 ps and ns) Razzle Dazzle lasted for a day. And I didn't even do any hardcore scrubbing! 

Anyway, the Topshop nail polishes seem to fare a little better with me. On Friday I purchased a new, metallic based polish called 'glimmer'. It still gives me a little happy feeling every time I look at my nails (oh the little things!)

Here it is:

It glides on pretty well, and only took two applications to achieve the desired effect. I have a few Topshop polishes, and I think I'll be purchasing some more pretty soon.

My skin is really playing up at the moment. It is oh-so-dry. I'm currently using the Monu moisturiser that came with the November glossybox, but it's not doing much for me. It's quite thick and heavy, and it makes my skin feel tighter. It does say that it is for normal/combination skin though, so I'll forgive it for not easing the pain of my sensitive skin.

I'm thinking of trying some of the Liz Earle products. Anyone know anything that is good for dry skin?

Any recommendations would be appreciated!


  1. Oooh that gold is a gorgeous colour! Really pretty but subtle too.

  2. Hey, I stumbled upon your blog from Milly's Mini Adventures and noticed you want some moisturiser suggestions for dry skin...well, as an eczema sufferer, and as someone that generally suffers dry skin on my face any time of year (just worse at this time!) I suggest Aveeno Skin Relief Lotion ( It's not necessarily a face moisturiser, but I use it and have had no problems! This stuff is amazing for dry skin, it lasts for 24 hours, so I tend to just put a bit on my face in the morning, and the rest of my body in the evening. Give it a go!

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