Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Little Foot Love

Now, I know a LOT of people are freaked out by feet. I'm not. I'm one of those weird people who actually LIKE feet. If  you hate those hand like things at the bottom of our legs, then turn away now!

When it comes to caring for my body, I always seem to forget about my feet. I will moisturies my whole body to high heavens, but when it comes to my feet-nothing. Nada. Nilch.

After seeing a woman who performs massages with her feet on This Morning, I decided that I should pay a bit more attention to my feet. Because she didn't have arms, her she focused on what she could do with her feet, and they looked really 'pretty' too, as far as feet can. They had a pink polish on them and looked really soft.  I realised that I should give my feet a little more love. After all, they do so much for me...

 Here's my little foot 'care package', which I quickly cobbled together from products lying around in my bathroom. 

It consists of: 

*a foot file from the Body Shop (euw, but dry feet need to be scrubbed!) 
*toe separaters (which never seem to fit my toes properly)
*Johnson's Baby Lotion- I love this stuff. It absorbs really well and leaves my skin (almost) baby bottom soft. 

*And finally an unbranded nail polish in a dusty pink colour.

For some reason I tend to think that I should wear more conservative colours on my toe nails. I usually go for more 'out there' colours on my nails- I'd pretty much try anything. But not on my feet. You'd think it'd be the other way round really, considering that my feet are hidden most of the time. I only 'wear' bare feet at home (I like to air them) and the only people who see them are my partner/the postman (my partner is not the postman, but I am sometimes caught unawares by posties delivering, yeah). But there you go. My feet must remain conservative and proper. Feet. It feels really weird to be talking about feet. Or rather writing about feet.

Anyway, my feet now feel more loved and looked after now, which is always a good thing. 


  1. I always forget about my feet too, but try and indulge in a pedicure (especially after a long run or race!)


  2. I also think feet should be given more attention to. it is such a good feeling when your feet are soft and look healthy in all ways + beautiful polish too! during summer I have bare feet almost every day actually, so quite important to keep them pretty :P

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  3. I often neglect my feet so yesterday I decided to change that an booked my first pedicure... my feet won't know whats hit them!

  4. Great post, I really should give my feet more attention, especially with summer coming up..

  5. My feet are always neglected from October-May haha, I hate looking at them during the winter but can't be bothered to do anything cause nobody will see them!

    Once Spring properly hits I shall pamper like there is no tomorrow!

    Also, massages with feet? I can imagine it'd be interesting..

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. i tend to my feet once a week with a full on pedicure with a pumice stone , cuticle oils and fresh polish. getting harder to bend down now so i got them done at the salon

  7. Your post just reminded me I should have a pedi soon. Don't care for my feet too much either.

  8. I love to do my own pedicure!!!^^


  9. I am the complete opposite - I love wild colors on my toes. Right now they are painted bright blue. But I agree, we should take more care of our feet because they get us where we have to go :]

  10. I need a little bit of love on my feet at the moment should try doing this at the weekend :)