Monday, 13 February 2012

'Childhood' makeup

It's my first year of being  a 'real adult' (ie I am no longer a student) and I find myself longing for the simpler days, when all I had to worry about was when the next essay was due. I LOVED being a student, and have been for such a long time that forging an adult identify is proving to be a bit of a struggle. I wannnnt to be a perpetual student! 

In the nostalgic mood, I decided to seek out my childhood makeup (to be honest, I didn't have to look far! I still keep it on my desk and would consider using it even though some of it is about 9 years old. Bleugh you may say, but it looks all right to me!) 

One of my first eyeshadows, a cream consistency and a pinky glittery colour, official name 'cool cat'. I really liked it as it differed from the usual eyeshadows in Boots, and I loved a bit of glitter on my eyes.I certainly felt like a 'cool cat' when I wore it. 

This was my first MAC product. A bright green, slightly glittery (theme?) shadow in the colour 'bitter'. Admittedly a little weird and out there for me, but I was swayed by an older female role model who wore it and made me up in it one day. I loved it at the time! I still have the urge to wear wacky bright colours at times, but I mostly stick with conservative neutral colours, which leads me to my next 'childhood' product....
Now, this product shows how little my taste in makeup has changed over the years! Yesterday I purchaed a practically identical eyeshadow set from Tesco (more of that later). I love the subtle, shimmering colours in this. I think that it suits my skin tone and blue eyes. So yes, well done small(er) me for noticing something along those lines!

 And finally, this was one of my first 'foundations'. It claims to be a 3-in-1 product, though I'm not sure what these 3 things were as the writing has come off of the front. I have used it all up though, so that's saying something. I remember feeling really grown up as I applied this! The same feeling I got from using my first clearisal (sp?). My mum promptly ruined that feeling by telling me that I was too young to get spots and had no need to use the cream. My younger self was mightily embarrassed.

The products that I haven't pictured include a violet eyeshadow duo called 'slow motion' and a Sephora mini tub of glitter. I used to put the glitter over my eyes (and sometimes cheeks) and I would still do that! Sadly the Sephora at my local Brent Cross is no longer there :(

So, I have found that my makeup tastes have not really changed over the years. I was either very grown up, or am still a child at heart.


  1. Glad I'm not the only person who still has a bunch of really old make-up sitting around! Most of mine is really glittery too. and I would probably still wear a lot of it now on a night out, I love a bit of glitter!


  2. I would have liked to see you put on all that makeup and relive your childhood!!! LOVE IT! =) I don't hold onto makeup for long, not sure why, but I just like 'new' stuff.

    Stop by sometime, I'd love to hear what you think!


  3. I was going through all my old make-up and came across literally a shop full of old 'dead' nail-varnishes. My taste in make-up has changed so much! I used to wear bright bold colours and lip gloss :/ but now I wear lipstick and keep my make-up quite simple, just a kinda smokey-eye!

    Great post and blog, I am now following you!


  4. I hear you on the longing for the student days. I've been an 'adult' now for 3 years but I would swap everything to go back to Uni for just 1 more year!! The real world sucks eh?!...;) xxx

  5. Brent Cross clearly lost a great store! Thanks for following my blog :) x