Saturday, 10 March 2012

Some Friday Retail Therapy

 *warning- this post will probably be a bit photo heavy as words aren't too forthcoming-the result of a crazybusy week at work and 3 hours sleep*

After a very busy, very tiring week, I feel I deserve a bit of retail therapy (though I did make 2 sneaky-and not cheap-online purchases...oops).

I went straight to Westfield after work, had a lovely Starbucks (coffee frap light if you're asking) and then perused the shops with my heavy, heavy bag. By the end of the shop I had a very sore, red shoulder, but also some lovely little purchases.

As usual, I headed to Topshop. I know it's not original, but I can always find something I like there.

I found the most amazing dress:

It has an zebra like monocrome print and is just so comfortable. Another go to dress methinks, just like the flippy dresses and speckled tea dresses-well done Topshop! Here I'm wearing it with my trusty Primark wine coloured cardi.

I also got this bubblegum jumper. Again, it's quite similar to something I already own, the speckled grey jumper (and this is the point that I would insert a link to said jumper if I were more computer savvy/awake). Anayway, I love the colour, even though I do feel a bit Barbie in it. It's also super cosy, meaning that I would feel comfortable throwing it on over anything. Definitely a worthwhile purchase at £20.

I also bought a ring collection has now increased to a total of...2! Haha. I struggle to find rings that I like. I want a good stone ring, but most of the stones that I've seen in Primark (ok so I haven't looked too far) are tooooo big.

It's a feather wraparound style. I'm not usually attracted to 'gold' (though this is a bit more bronzey?).

Here's the second ring in my 'collection':

I got this one from Boots, for £5. Me likey. The only problem is that when I wear rings I tend to play with them ALL THE TIME. I spin them around, move them from finger to finger, then take them off, put them down and leave them somewhere. Not good, especially when you only own one other ring!

I also got lots of make up products, but this post is getting a bit long, so I might do a separate post for my
MUA haul. Here's a sneak preview:

Yeah, told you I have a lipstick problem.

And here are some more! I stumbled across a range called 2true in Superdrug, and they had a 3 for £5 thing on, so I decided to buy a few things. Namely, I wanted to be a bit more experimental with my lipstick colours (rather than 9999 shades of pink) so I bought a rich plummy colour, which I am in love with:

Posing in my Primark man shirt (for bed may I add-which I am pretty much ready for!)

I also got another reddy colour (reddy? Plummy? Great descriptive language).

Finally I tested the most pigmeneted eyeshadow I have ever tried, but it wasn't aligned to the actual product. The colours were only slightly different so I hope I picked up the right one! I'm loving neutral browns/gold on my eyes at the moment.

Not as pigmented as in the shop (so maybe not the right one) but this was the result after one light swatch. Pretty happy with this, considering the price (2 lipsticks and 1 eyeshadow duo for £5).

And finally, just because I bought it and photographed it, my skincare products (3 for 2 in Boots).

Some handy wipes to take off my makeup when I am feeling lazy and some St.Ives gentle exfoliator for my horribly dry skin.

So a pretty successful evening of shopping all in all!

Hope you're having a happy weekend :)


  1. I love that dress and the rings. So cute! xoxo Demmy

  2. Love all the lipsticks!

  3. Great haul. That dress and jumper look great on you:)

  4. love the dress!


  5. Sounds like a good shopping trip! I love that dress too!

    Sophie x

  6. I am now following your blog! :)
    thanks for your comment on mine!
    I hope you will follow mine in return xx x

  7. I love that printed dress! So pretty.

    Courtney ~

  8. I adore your dress, the print is lovely <3

  9. thanks for the comment, following you, come back to mine and follow back if you want.

  10. I love the colour of the jumper!

  11. The 2True duo actually looks quite nice! Usually I'm guilty of avoiding lower end products out of the fear they just don't work. Saying that I'm a massive fan of MUA's shade 3 lipstick! <3

  12. so much nice new stuff!
    loving the rings :)

  13. Look at all this fun stuff!!! I love your first top... and thank you for showing makeup samples! Love what you got :)

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  14. What a great Friday! I love treating myself to a little retail therapy after a hard week too! Love your purchases, especially that first dress :)