Thursday, 15 March 2012

Nars Goodies...

When I posted about my first Nars product on here a few weeks ago, somebody commented saying that it wouldn't be my last; that now I'd tried it, I'd want more.

Well I have to say, she was most definitely right! After trying Nars Isolde eyeshadow duo (and loving, coppery shimmery shades,mmm) I wanted to try some more products.

Here's my loot:

One of the things I love/hate about Nars is the copious outer packaging. Underneath the black boxes each product contains another little ridged box protecting it. When things are packaged like this, I feel the need to keep it like this, to 'protect' the object or...I don't know, I'm just a bit anal about it. That means that I usually end up with clumpy boxes in my make up bag, and I have to go through a complex (for the morning!) process when putting on each item of make up.

Do you get like that with packaging, or is it just me?

*Eyeshadow single in 'Ashes to ashes'.

After being really impressed with Isolde, I wanted to try another shadow. I chose this shimmery violet colour with brown undertones and have fallen in love with it. The size of the product was smaller than I expected, but there you go.

Here's a swatch, but the lighting in my room isn't great at the moment, so I don't know how well it's come out..sorry!

I also purchased a gorgeous lipstick in the shade 'Shanghai Express'. It's a more daring, 'grown up' colour than those I usually go for, but I love it so far, and I like going outside my comfort zone once in a while.

I really like Nars packaging too, it looks really sleek and compact, although it does get a bit grubby. Oh, and another tiny little gripe- the lid on this lipstick doesn't click when you close it. I like a good click on a lipstick. It makes me feel that it is properly close and protected...another anal thing clearly!

Here's a little swatch:

I also got a free blush in the famous 'orgasm'. Haven't tried it yet, but it looks lovely and shimmery-and it was free! Can't go wrong there.

And finally, I got another 'different' shade, a lipgloss in 'Nana'. It's a dark purpley shade, and I'm really drawn to it. It does make me look a bit 'goth', especially as I'm so pale, but a little bit of goth is all right with me!

With flash and...

without flash and looking a bit drunk (promise I'm not, it's just been a busy day!)

What do you think of the colour? Would you try anything like this?


  1. the eyeshadow seems to be nice, a little glitter but so natural. but in your photo I can see ongly the gloss on your lips, that is a great color. see you.

  2. The lipstick is a really grown up colour haha! I do love a good click on lipstick too!

    I'm exactly the same with packaging- it has to be there to protect it haha!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  3. That lipgloss looks amazing! And I have Orgasm...that blush looks good on a lot of skin tone:)

  4. Ashes to Ashes is such a lovely eyeshadow, I have never tried their lipsticks but really want too. x

  5. that lipgloss look awesome!!!^^


  6. I loveeee Nars, beautiful stuff!

  7. How awesome! I have always wanted to try this stuff, but I am cheap when it comes to my beauty products. Once I get an actual job I will dole out the cash. I have really heard great things about that blush color. And I don't think you look goth, I really like the color. It would look lovely paired with a bright spring colored/pastel blouse :]

  8. I love their little boxes, the lipstick you've picked up it gorgeous.

  9. I love NARS! Haven't bought any of their products for ages, you got some lovely things xxx

  10. Your definitely making me want to buy more nars products! I love the colour of the eyeshadow, very pretty!

  11. I've never tried Nars before, but now I really want to make a purchase! I've heard so many good things about their blushers! x

  12. Absolutely love the lipstick! Looks amazing! :)