Monday, 19 March 2012

Get to know me tag

So I have been tagged by the lovely

Here goes...

11 'random' facts about me
1. I love cats and really really really want one, but can't because I live in a rented property at the moment (first time buyer in London woes).  I used to have a cat called Puss Puss (she named herself. When I was 5 years old we adopted a stray kitten and I called out several names...the likes of socks, cuddles, pepper. She didn't respond. Then I tried Puss Puss and she looked straight around. Knows what she's called, my kitty). Anyway, she was really perceptive; she always knew when I was upset and comforted me. She used to follow me half way to school and meet me on the way home. She even followed us into church once! It was very funny seeing a cat walking along the aisle.

2. I also love pigeons. I know they have a lot of bad press, but I am strangely fond of pigeons. Firstly, they are everywhere in London and I find their ubiquity comforting- they are reliable, always there. I know I'm at home when I see a pigeon! They're also quite clever. In the war they used to carry messages and know their way back home by following motorways and rivers- anything large that goes in a straight line. Internal satnav. This sounds weird (as if it's not weird enough) but they seem so casual. So 'yeah, I'm here, how ya doin?' For example, in the London Zoo aviary, a few piegeons have managed to get inside. And they roam around the zoo too. I've seen a pigeon walk off a tube train! I just love watching the little creatures. And come on, any animal that has adapted to survive on cigarette butts and dirty nappies has got to get the thumbs up from me. 

3. I'm quite a sociable person generally, but sometimes I love nothing more than going home early, getting into my PJs and having a sex and the cityathon on the lappytop.

4. I fake celebrity spot. Much to the annoyance of my bf and friends, I fake celebrity spot, especially when we go on walks to Hampstead Heath/Regent's Park/Camden at the weekend. So anyone with a ginger bob is Mary Portas. An old man with grey hair is Alan Sugar. You get the picture. Occasionally we see the 'real deal', much our surprise. Last week (week before? Lose sense of time) we saw the comedian Ricky Gervais, and I once saw David Schwimmer and David Walliams in The Wolsely restaurant in Piccadilly. In fact, I was sitting opposite them. Didn't know where to look!

5. I do love a bit of trashy tv. The Apprentice, Help my House is Falling Down, Supersize vs Superskinny- I love it. I even enjoy crappy documentaries with sensational titles like 'Half Ton Mum' and things like that.

As I've waffled a fair bit already (and well done if you've read this) I'll move on to the question part.

1. What is your pet hate? 

Erm...being given my receipt and change at the same time. I like my receipt in the bag thank you.

2. Days out to the beach or to see a movie? 

I don't do either much! I enjoy watching films, but I tend to fall asleep during them, especially as if I go, I go on a Friday night. Usually I'm feeling drained and the warm, dark movie theatre lulls me into a deep, expensive sleep. So after that waffle, I'd say beach.

3. Heels or flats? 

I love the way heels look (and the sound they make on the pavement!) but I do so much walking and am on my feet all day, so flats. They can still look pretty cute too.

4. What are your fears? 

Ooh, I have a lot. It used to be failing my exams (anything less than and A= not good enough) but now I guess it's failing at work. I tend to relate my self worth to how well I'm doing academically, which is not always a good thing. There is more to a girl than her work!

5. Favourite animal? 

As I said before, love cats!

6. What is your favourite food? 

Probably sushi.

7. Skinny jeans or leggings? 

I don't tend to wear either (skirt/dress girl all the way) but I would love to be able to wear skinny jeans. When my legs are that bit thinner.

8. Movie that makes you cry and why. 

Loads! I'm getting weepy in my old age. I'll tell you about the first film that made me cry. I was about 8 when I watched the film The Elephant Man, about a man who was disfigured and treated like a circus freak in the Victorian times. In the film, if he laid down he would die. In his bedroom was a painting of a person lying down. One day he copied it, laid down and died. I now know it was just used for plot development, but as an 8 year old I thought why the hell would you put such a painting in his bedroom?! Stupid people! I cried, but wanted to hide it from my parents so locked myself in the bathroom to cry in peace. Haha!

9. Bright lipstick or natural? 

Both, but I prefer neutral colours that I can wear on an everyday basis.

10. What is your favourite place to shop online? 

Hate to be cliched, but it's got to be Topshop. I know I'll always find something that I like there.

Phew! What a long waffly post. Well done if you got this far. People like you make me happy, cos I like an audience for my wafflys now and again :)

And just to continue the 'get to know me me me' theme, here's a (old) photo (that I actually like) for ya: 

 Back in the olden days when I was at uni...ahhh, miss those days.

Oh, and I'm rubbish at tagging, so I tag everyone who wants to do this to answer the same questions I did. Let me know if you do, I like reading these sort of things, partly cos I'm nosy :)


  1. I love reading these sort of things too, I'm so nosey! Lovely post xxx

  2. great! and I really like your blog

    nice, kisses

  3. Aww that's so cute with the cat thing! One of my old cats (have had around 12) used to walk to school with me and my mum too :) Glad you're a fellow Burt'sBees lover :) x

  4. HaHa totally read fact 3 wrong haha me and my mind! Love your fake celeb spotting haha

  5. very neat tag, had fun reading it

  6. fab post!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,

  7. Thanks for doing this! and I feel sorry for pigeons! haha

  8. Haha, thanks! :)
    I LOVE this post, it's so nice to get to 'know' you a bit more. :)
    I guess we have a lot of stuff in common.

    Xx, Saritschka.

  9. This was so interesting to read, I love how you adopted a stray cat and am completely with you on your pet hate of getting the receipt and cash at the same time!!

  10. Thanks for visiting us:)

    Nice post!!! Have a great day,

  11. nice post.

  12. Me too, I like going home early and changing into PJs. It feels so warm and homely when I do that :)

  13. OMG!!!^^
    you should try to wear skinny jeans, sweetie ;)
    it doesn´t only fit well to skinny legs :D
    trust in me xDD


  14. Great blog! I would like to invite you to me! Follow each other? =]

  15. haha after reading this post, it has made me realize that pigeons really are reliable and pretty cute too :P

  16. Haha i definitely agree on numbers 1-4 on your first part! And, I also love topshop!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  17. Hi! I really like your blog♥
    I am an aspiring alternative model and have just started mine could you check it out and tell me what you think?
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    Go on blogging my dear!

  18. Great to know more about you ! I love trash t.v. too (: