Monday, 5 March 2012

Loreal Studio Silk and Gloss

My hair isn't usually too difficult to manage- it's straight and pretty fine. However, I do use quite a bit of heat on it when I blow dry and straighten and it can sometimes look a bit flat and lacklustre. I always look at girls with silky glossy hair and get major hair envy. Seriously, how do they get a mirror quality shine with the feel of silk lingerie? HOW?

With the desire for a healthy, shiny mane in mind, I decided to purchase a hair care product other than shampoo and conditioner (yup, this is my first venture out of the bog standard hair products! Maybe that's why my hair isn't as shiny...)

I ended up buying 2 products (the joys of Boots offers). The pink one on the right is the one I'll be looking at today (the other creates beach like natural waves...I'll try that look out when it gets closer to summer).

Loreal Studio Silk and Gloss is especially created for use with hair straighteners. It both protects from the heat and makes your hair smooth and silky to the touch. Lovely! Before straightening your hair, spary a couple of...sprays onto your hair and then straighten. You will hear a bit of a sizzling sound at first (which startled me a hair's on fire!) but after that it glides really well and leaves your hair soft and silky. The bottle claims that it gives you 24 hour anti-frizz, which for me it does, but my hair isn't too frizzy anyway (though it looks a bit frizzy in this picture-oops). The silky feeling of the hair does last all day though.


  1. Oo your hair looks lovely - really beachy and glossy!

    My hair is short, red, fine and flat. All my products have to boost it big - if I got something to make it silky it would look like I flippin had none!

  2. Your hair is fab! I use studio silk and gloss too, it's a bit of a life saver! xx

  3. love your hair do

    check out my new blog when you get a chance

  4. i love your hair do!!!^^


  5. Your hair looks really lovely and silky.. definitely worth it if it stops your hair from getting fried with straighteners :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  6. Thank you, sweetie²!
    Your city is just amaaaaazing, love it so much!
    I've already have some pictures on my blog -check it out, if you want!

    Xx, Saritschka.

  7. I need to get myself some of that! i've been looking all over for some heat protection spray since I like to blow dry and curl my hair. I'll definitely looking into this :)
    Lovely post!


  8. My hair has its own mind and never responds to anything I do to it. Maybe this is the solution! Love your blog, new follower here!



  9. i have problem with my hair too . but i love u hair