Saturday, 3 March 2012

My First Nars Product!

For Valentines Day my lovely other half S bought me my first ever Nars product. We did tell each other what to get-he'd never even heard of the brand Nars. It might be unromantic, but hey, that's us, cashing in on the commercial event ;) We also had a romantic meal in...Giraffe (the family friendly place) which we both love. Who cares if it's full of screaming kids?

Anyway, back to Nars. I got the eyeshadow duo in the colour 'Isolde' as I was told that it really makes blue eyes stand out. And I wanted my blue eyes to stand out.

It came in a cute dinky little bag, which I have to admit I have put it back in to. Despite using it today, I have cased it back in the packaging and then the little bag! I get like this when a) I have a item that I like and want to look after and b) the packaging is so 'complex' and seemingly thoughful, that the product seems made to live in it. It is almost asking to be neatly wrapped up in it's gloves and scarf equivalent. Does anyone else get like this when they buy a new product? Or am I just weird?

The eyeshadow duo comes in the usual little rubbery packaging, which I think looks sleek and elegant. I sense that it will attract any modicum of dust and (makeup) dirt though, so I'll try to be careful with it.

The colours are just divine. They are both warm brown colours. The first is a little glittery, which I love, and the second has a pinky hue to it.

I wore it today and did take a picture with it on, but the close up made me realise how wonky my face is! My face is not symmetrical, sob sob. So you'll have to make do with a swatch.

That picutre took and *age* to upload, and it's not even really added anything to the post! Oh well. I did light swatches as I don't want to use up too much of the product, ha. 

I wore the lighter shade today when I went to visit my grandpa, and the first thing he said was 'Have you got a new eyeshadow on? I like it'. So if even my partly blind grandpa noticed it, then it must look good! 


  1. I love giraffe too haha :)

    I've never tried NARS, but heard good things, it does look like a lovely colour, I can imagine it's really nice on!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  2. AHh enjoy it! Nars is great!!
    Lots of LOVE

  3. ah I am so jealous I've wanted to try nars for ages! looks pretty. x

  4. great shadow shades, i love NARS

  5. lovely colours, especially the lighter one x

  6. nars is not available here :(

  7. That is so sweet that your grandpa recognized you had it on. I would really love to try this stuff. I wish my boyfriend and I had told each other what we wanted, such a better idea. The eyeshadow colors are really pretty. I like the shimmer in the lighter one.

  8. I've never tried Nars, always been more a MAC girl myself but these colour are lovely!

    Sarah x

  9. great post!
    i love your blog, now following :)

    follow back?

  10. oh i love all things nars. always a good choice :]


  11. Nice colors... If this is your first Nars product... it won't be your last! I have the blush called "orgasm" and its amazing :D Can't get enough of their stuff!!