Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Avon or I may have a lipstick issue

So, I recently made an order from Avon online, something I never really thought I'd type. When I was younger, ladies in the neighbourhood (weird wording there) used to hold little Avon parties and buy boring looking frosty pink lipstick in plain packaging. Because of this, I tend to associate it with (and excuse me for being blunt here) with older people. With mumsy mummies and ageing middle aged woman.

However, after seeing reviews of products on other posts I decided to give it a go. Plus, it's so cheap! Gotta love a cheap lipstick or two (saying that, I just made a rather expensive Nars order. Oops).

Anyway, here's the loot:

So, I got 3 lipsticks (buy one get two free!) 1 other lipstick (not on offer) and 2 eyeliner pencils which were only about £3 each. Uber cheap, and the dark brown liner is particularly lovely, really dark and pigmented.

I used the dark brown one this morning (actually called blackberry- the gold one is called golden fawn) and it has lasted all day. I used it on my top lash line, which I hardly ever do and need more practise with! Any advice on how to 'do it' properly (ie not get it all over the place) would be appreciated.

Here are the lovely lipstick shades:

This one's called Winter Wine. Really nice and pigmented, yet subtle at the same time. Really like this one, though I expected it to be darker from the name (like a plummy colour perhaps?) and the shade of the bullet itself.

This one's called 'Amethyst'. Again, another shade I am quite impressed with (especially as it was one of the free ones! And they were cheap to start with). It's a little more tangerine that the previous one. I like how all of the colours I ordered are similar, but different, which is more obvious in these photos. May need to consult these when deciding which one to wear in the morning as the colour on the bullet itself isn't always accurate.

Here's 'Pink Sunrise' which is a nudey pink, always a good staple to have. Plus, it doesn't mak me look dead, like some of my other nudes.

This one cost a bit more (at a pricey £3 ;) This is the ultra colour rich lipstick in 'Apricot Mystery'.

In bullet form.

It is very moisturising and feels great on dryish lips like mine. The colour is subtle in my opinion, but likeable.

So, all in all, I am VERY happy with my cheapie Avon order. And I may have a lipstick problem. When will I wear all of these? Well, everyday. And although they are quite similar colours, they are different too in their own beautiful way. Yes, that makes it ok then.

Coming up:

*My Topshop order arrived (and, er, it includes more lipstick). Outfit post.
*Nars order
*Friday retail therapy haul

Will catch up with blogs asap, thanks for all your lovely comments :)



  1. Unfortunately, I still think of Avon as a bit of a cheap, 'mumsy' brand. It's going to talk quite a lot of re-branding in order for me to see them in a different light. Bit sad really, as I'm sure the products are great but Avon as a brand just doesn't interest me at all xx

  2. love it!!

  3. I am the same, I see Avon as a mumsy brand too. Though I am starting to think, maybe I should try it. Great Haul, look forward to seeing what you got from Nars. x

  4. I'm the same as you have been hearing so much about Avon lately and order a brochure. The prices are so good too! Making a order soon so thanks for the post on what you got! Apricot mystery is such a pretty colour! :)

  5. nice liner swatches

  6. I have to say that I do love Avon. But that's probably because there are so many people in my area that are young and into it that I kinda feel that it has broken out of it's mould. Their foundations are some of the most long lasting I have ever used without being cakey.
    I love the more orangey shade of lipstick, might have to purchase that myself!


  7. Hello and thanks for your comment :)Nice lipstick colour..
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    I'm already following you.Hope you'll do the same :))
    Thanks for the support,

  8. As if they're from Avon! They're such gorgeous colours - can't wait to go home and stock up on Avon :)

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  9. avon is awesome. some people talk bad about it but ,,,when you really check out what they have its pretty cool. ;)

  10. I had an Avon lipstick before... that was a decade ago,
    and I wasn't really impressed with it. But I like that shade on you.

    Come visit my blog and let's follow each other on GFC!

  11. I don't own anything from Avon but I keep meaning to give some make-up bits a try! xx

  12. I love the Amethyst shade!
    xo Josie

  13. Looks great!
    Love your blog, keep posting girl!

  14. i wish there is avon here :(

  15. I need to try some Avon makeup, it sound really good for the price :)

  16. Lovely blog.

  17. I love the shades you've picked, especially the coral.

  18. Thank you for your comment on my blog I am now following back :)