Friday, 13 April 2012

Worst Lipstick Shade Ever?

This Rimmel product was pretty much one of the first lipsticks I ever purchased, and do you know why I got it? Because of the pretty 'cool' packaging. I had absolutely no idea which lipstick shades suit me, and to thought of me wearing this in everyday life is laughable!

Cool, huh? ;)

It's a weird bronzey colour. I have never seen a shade like this since, and part of me wonders if it is actually an eyeshadow...even though the bullet/packaging suggests otherwise. Maybe this would suit darker skin tones but for me...just no.

See? I think this would look pretty nice on the eyes. It reminds me of Maybelline's Colour Tattoo in 'eternal gold'.

It just looks like a bad nude here, washing me out, but in real life it is much golder, and much worse! Awful awful.

Have you ever bought a product that just makes you cringe now? I have a few lipsticks that do!


  1. Owch, that's a rough first lippy ;)! The first lipstick I bought myself was Natural Collection's Apple Blossom and it looked truly terrible on me x

  2. argh! Haha. My first lipstick was a purple, frosted Clinique one about 12 years ago. Grosse :) x

  3. Ickkkkk. Maybe it looks good on somebody ... Maybe?
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  4. I often get tempted in by the packaging. Just use it for decorative purposes. x

  5. Wow, that is definitely an odd color...maybe on a tan/darker skinned person it would like nice? Maybe...

    Courtney ~

  6. You know...this could still work for you if you mix it with another lippie:)
    But you know, I've bought lippies too just for the packaging...sigh...

  7. Perhaps next time if you buy a product you can try it first and look at it for a long time so you won't regret for what you have bought :)

    Enjoy your shopping next time :)

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  8. Lovely blog.

  9. I think this would be the perfect summer shade with a nice tan, it would make skin look more golden and gorgeous! Maybe keep hold of it til then and try it out :)


  10. Seems like a very strange shade it would make a good highlight though if you could get it to blend well enough.

  11. love this color and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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  12. Haha it seems like such a strange colour to put on your lips...maybe it is supposed to be used elsewhere?

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  13. I think you could definitely use it as an eyeshadow, or maybe if you get a tan it would work pretty well as a highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, down the centre of the nose etc. I regularly use frosted lipsticks as highlighters because to be honest, I'm not sure anyone can pull of frosting :/ give it a go and see if it works out-Let me know if you do :)

    E-L xo