Saturday, 14 April 2012

OOTD-Casual Stroll

Howdy :)

Outfit wise, today I went for a more casual look. You see, a while ago I bought a pair of Hollister trousers for a rather large sum, for what is essentially a pair of joggers, albeit extremely soft joggers. I hardly ever wear this type of thing, except for going to the gym-it just isn't really my style. But alas, I saw them and wanted them and so I got them.
What do you think? Can I pull them off, haha. 

They are 3/4 length trousers, but fit a shorty like me, with ample room at the bottom too, which is handy. I wore it with my trusty grey speckled Topshop jumper (I love this thing and wear it so often. Wish I bought it in a few other colours it still in the shops? If so, I'm going to get the pinky one for sure).

Casual and comfy was the order of the day for our little weekend trip to Regent's Park and Little Venice, and this outfit fitted the bill.

Here are a few little pics from the day (cos I think London is very pretty and want to share it with you :)

A cool sculpture of a crouching girl and panther (?) at Regent's Park, which we ate lunch on.

Our lunchy lunch. Sushi from M&S in a Sainsbury's bag, confusing right?

Posing on the sculpture. As you do when there is a big sculpture around.

Lifelike statue of a rather depressed looking man. I always get a bit surprised when I see these, thinking that they are real people, even though I've walked past them so many times! Duh.

An appalling attempt to spell my name Starbucks! (Actually G-e-o-r-g-i-a).

Now that Starbucks have started asking names, I find that almost every time it is spelt incorrectly-not that it bothers me, it makes me chuckle mostly, like this attempt above. I am really tempted to answer 'my name is John' or 'Mike' or something manly in a serious voice. Wonder if many people do that...(I know how to have fun).
And finally, me, under a willow tree!

Bye for now, hope you are all enjoying the weekend x


  1. That sushi looks so yummy! You definitely pull the trousers off...I don't think I'd suit that look, but you look lovely!

    Sophie x

  2. Ah I love jogger days and you pull them off well!


  3. Ive wondered what your name was for ages haha weird I know!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely day. I think you pulled the joggers off well. Great casual look. I don't think any starbucks employees can spell, they can even get Alice wrong. lol. xx

  5. Those statues are creepy. Almost cycled into one last week...thinking they were real people and about to move!

  6. Love this post...from your jumper, to the crazy spelling of your name, to the picture of you actually under the willow tree:)

  7. The joggers look really nice on you :) And yes the Topshop jumpers are still in store (they were yesterday anyway :p)
    And that is some pretty shocking spelling, Starbucks!

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  9. I used to love stuff from hollister. Their hoodies and pants (like you bought) are so soft. I think the look is cute on you. I want to get back to London. You are so lucky to live there :]

  10. I love the pants, haha the way they spelt your name, my starbucks doesn't ask yet, so if they start I will make up one. ;)

  11. I'm so tempted to invest in some Hollister trackies, they look so comfy. Although a serious amount of money for just them, but you defintely pull them off :)

    Looks like a good day in London, although that is an appauling attempt at your name haha!

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  12. lovely photos, i wish this could be my everyday outfit so comfy ;-)

  13. I like the sporty look, the sweatpants look comfy :)

  14. See I think this whole 'name on your starbucks cup' thing is only going to lead to a lot fo misspelt names. If I was a barrista I would propably just call everyone Bob!

    Also I am always seduced by clothes that are soft. Forget style - softness is key!

  15. looks like you had a fun weekend!)
    i love Hollister pants, they are so comfy. :3


  16. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  17. How could they spell Georgia so wrong?! Looks like a lovely comfy outfit :-)

    Just to let you know, I'm having a little giveaway(click here!), which includes a Benefit Erase Paste :-)

  18. Looks comfy! AND seriously how do you spell Georgia wrong? I'd keep a list of every time you go to Sbux and keep a running tab. Any barista who spells it right you should tip them a dollar. LOL xoxo A-

  19. Cute casual outfit, maybe people should take a spelling test to be able to work in Starbucks ?

  20. this is an amazing stroll