Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Nars Sheer Glow

So a few weeks ago, on a whim, I visited the Nars website (damn firefox history for suggesting it every time I press the letter 'N') and purchased Nars Sheer Glow. I know people have raved about this product for a long time, but I thought I'd put my two cents worth in.

Yeah, I bought a few other things too, but we'll go there another day. A Nars collection post maybe? It's certainly building up!

I'm going to do this in a bullet point style, cos I'm in a bullet point sort of mood.

I'll get the negatives out of the way first. Let me make it clear that I LOVE this product so far, and think that it comes close to being my 'perfect' foundation. However, I am not as enamoured with  the bottle. The glass packaging and style is fine, I like that, it's just the top. It doesn't have a pump or squeezy but, so you just have to pour it out onto your hand (or wherever else you would like to pour it!) This means that it is very difficult getting out the right amount and I end up wasting it, which is a pain. I prefer pumps or squeezy tubes. Guess I could transfer it or buy a pump, but I'm a bit too lazy for that.

As you can see from the photo, I went for the lightest shade, Siberia. I almost went for another shade with pink rather than yellow undertones, but I'm glad I didn't as this shade is perfect for me (as predicted by a few lovely ladies on twitter-thanks!) It is just such a beautiful shade and gives me a nice dewy finish. Before this I was using Mac's studio sculpt in NC15. I have always thought that NC15 was the best shade for me, but in reality even that comes up a bit too dark.

Dewy and light. Medium coverage I would say, certainly on me. Compared to Mac studio sculpt it gave a much lighter coverage and less 'cakey' finish. I love studio sculpt, but it was always obvious that I was wearing foundation. It also accentuated any  dry areas, which I have in abundance no matter how much I think I have moisturised every crevice on my face! Sheer glow does not stick to these areas, though I did notice dry areas on my forehead at times. I simply wiped it off with a wipe, started again and it was fine.

With this foundation it isn't obvious that I am wearing foundation and just leaves me with a nice, bright finish. So yay for that.

At almost £30 a pop, it doesn't come cheap. I do think that it is worth it, but I will see how long it lasts before I decide to repurchase. If it lasts for a month and a half (specific I know!) I will probably repurchase. I do want to experiment a bit with foundation though, so I might try something else after. Got any recommendations?

I have been rubbish at blogging at the moment, work has been soooo busy this week (and it's only Wednesday!) But I do appreciate your comments very much and will get back to responding soon! 


  1. Oh, I want to try this, but I'd like to get matched at a counter before committing to a £30 foundation! However, I highly suspect I'm the lightest shade too. x

  2. I've been thinking about trying a more high end foundation, as I've always just stuck with high street brands as i'm so pale nothing really matches my skin but this looks like it might be a good colour for me. MAC is meant to be fairly good for having a range a colours but again quite pricey! x

  3. I always see this on YouTube vids. Good to know that the packaging is like that. I'm probably gonna get this soon, so at least, I know what to expect. Thanks for the review:)

  4. great review! Good to see what you think of new foundations because your complexion is pretty similar to mine and I hardly see any other bloggers that are lol. The foundation I use at the mo is almost as expensive as this, might just have to try this one out now hmm xx

  5. I've seen this around, and for £30 I'd hope it was as good as they say!
    I'm definitely with you on the whole pouring/squeezy, pump issue though! It's so hard to get the right amount!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  6. I love NARS products as well! Great post! I just discovered your blog and I am a new follower (:

  7. I always hear such amazing things about the NARS line but I've never actually used any of their products...I think I need to do something about that.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. I love NARS!! I haven't tried their foundation yet bc I love Make Up For Ever a little too much haha, but I may have to try them as well :)



  9. Haven't really tried this brand yet but will do! We're your new followers!

  10. I've never used any of nars products! I've to try them ;)
    Lovely blog, maybe you want to follow each other, on GFC and bloglovin? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a great day!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico"

  11. Your blog <3 <3

  12. NARS looks like a fun product! One of these days I need to get my hands on some of it! xoxo A-

  13. I always hear such rave reviews about NARS products, deff time to invest I think. The packaging does put me off though, I'd prefer a pump it'd be less messy and wasteful xxx

  14. Nars cosmetic looks amazing, i really want to get some! :(



  15. Shame about the bottle but the packaging is still beautiful.

  16. really interesting blog and nice pics;) follow me if you want, I'll do the same :)

  17. ow I wanna have a little spend at nars! x

  18. I love how you really reviewed this product it's very helpful to people like myself who are looking for new foundations. :) You put so much effort into your blog and I absolutely love it!