Saturday, 2 November 2013

Scarves, scarves, scarves.

I do love a scarf or two. Or threefourfive. Especially now that it's the time of year where you can mention Chrismas and all of the cosiness that it implies...eee. The snuggly socks, the hot chocolate (Earl Grey Tea) by the open fire (central heating). Ok, so it's the idea of winter cosiness that I like. And scarves definitely play a part in that snug as a bug feeling. Shame I'm too scared of my beloved scarves getting wet most of the time to actually wear them, as I almost always forget to bring an umbrella. But that can change...

On to the scarves, of which I own rather a few I realise. Apologies for the rubbishy lighting/set up. I left my camera at work and getting an ipad to stand up by itself is a task and a half!

Scarf #1: Tartan. Zara. 
 Huge scarf that can double as a picnic blanket. This thing is so soft and warm and snuggly and, if you care about those things, right on trend what with the tartan and all that.

Scarf #2 Mustard. Zara. 
I'm loving this colour at the moment, which may have something to do with all the pretty leaves on the ground. Another cosy scarf that goes well with my mostly monochrome wardrobe. Slightly thinner than the tartan blanket of a scarf.

Scarf #3 Pink Splashes. Topshop. 
Sorry for this terrible pic, which isn't showing the scarf too well. This is much thinner than the other two, and is something I would wear with an LBD for a more sophisticated feel. I love the look of this and how swishy I feel when I'm wearing it, but I struggle to keep these things on all day. How do you do it?! Safety pin? Brooch?

Scarf #4 Sea. Primark. 
Playing around with the filter on this one. This scarf is pretty thin, another one that I'd wear to jazz up a little black dress. I should wear this one more often actually, it stays at the bottom of my scarf basket most of the time. Will add a splash of brightness in the winter months (well, with my closet it's always the winter months...)

Scarf #5. Pink Ruffles. M&S. 
This was a gift from my fiance's sister (still feels weird typing fiance!) last Christmas. At first I wasn't too sure about it, what to style it with, yada yada, but actually, it's quite pretty. Will experiment with this more soon...

Scarf #6 Colourful Blotches. Primark.
Another 'spruce up your LBD' scarf.

Scarf #7 Gold Patterned. Monsoon. 
So when I purchased this I had an image in my head. Long black Laura Ashley Dress. Oversized sunnies. Black court shoes. And this golden scarf for a touch of class. Worked in my head but I never got round to creating that look in reality. YET!

My cute little teddy bear hat for good measure. I see children in this. Not the look I'm going for, but comfy all the same.

Do you have baskets full of scarves? If you do, show me! I love a good nose.


  1. My favourite is the first one from Zara!


  2. I love scarfs I have quite the collection like you! Loving the mustard coloured scarf and of course the Zara one x

  3. I like the mustard yellow one :-)

  4. I'm so happy it's cool enough again for scarves - I love your collection!

    Courtney ~

  5. I've wanted scarf number 1 for a while now and I'm totally getting it now!! You look lovely in all of these :) xx

  6. I love my scarves! I have a ridiculous amount but find it hard to part with a single one. I want the tartan one - that's awesome!

  7. Your scarves all look great on you. I have a few, but only one or two that I wear all the time.

  8. this mustard one from Zara is the best! I'm ur new follower!

  9. love ur blog! would you like to follow each other?
    following you now