Monday, 4 November 2013

Our Little House

We've recently (as in, a year ago) moved into our own little place. It was a blank canvas, so how to decorate it was entirely up to us. Now, I'm pretty awful when it comes to buying furniture...I flip between wanting something modern and antique and become fairly attached to objects pretty quickly. So when we went settee shopping, I wanted the first one I sat on and enjoyed because I got used to it and felt...that it belonged with us. Like I didn't want to leave it behind. Haha, you can see how easy it would be for a salesperson to get me to buy something.

Anyway, we ended up buying an apple green settee and cuddler (big, squishy chair that spins around, very cool) which is very comfortable, but I'm not sure I like the colour now. It somehow feels a bit too...happy for winter. As you walk in it seems to scream 'helllllllo, I know you've just had a wonderful day, why don't you share your joyous news with me as you rest in my HAPPY green arms!' Not really, but it's clear I let my furniture affect my mood far too much!

We didn't have a bed for about 3 weeks, so we slept on the floor until we finally decided on one. I very nearly purchased a big old (expensive) bed from Dreams because I felt sorry for the salesperson (duh) but luckily S made the final decision there and we bought a much cheaper and still comfortable one from Ikea. Oh, we've had many a trip to Ikea...

So yes. I'm not sure whether I like everything (will I ever?) but it's our little space and I do love it. I'll stop waffling now and show you some pictures.

We try to collect paintings/posters (usually the latter, for we are not rich) from our travels to make the house a little more comforting. I think my favourite room is actually the spare room, which is where the rail and desk photographed above are kept. I retreat there to work, test out outfits and run on my treadmill (not often enough). 

So there it is. Our little space.


  1. Looks wonderful! Love the Table for the Make up Stuff ,Naked Palette <3


  2. Love the desk and the makeup table!

  3. Your place is so cute! I'd really love a clothes rail xxx

  4. I love the décor in your house and especially the frames, makes me wish I was redecorating and moving into my own place

  5. Looks lovely! Your work room is so nice :) x

  6. Ahhhh the decor in your house is amazing!!

  7. Amazing photos and a lovely house!
    Love your blog!
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