Sunday, 3 November 2013

A Walk in the Woods

I do love going for a walk on a Saturday, especially when it's Autumn and the wind is slightly blowing (not too much though, those scarves are a bugger to keep in place) and the streets are a carpet of yellowy brown leaves. Today we went to one of our usual spots, Hampstead Heath. I was clearly dressed for the occasion:

 Autumnul hues are my favourite. And oh, here I am wearing one of the scarves from yesterday's post. That's our plant, Esther, in the photo. First plant that we have kept alive for more than, oh say, 3 days. Pretty good for us.

Can't go to a forest without posing by a great old tree. 

As well as enjoying a therapeutic pound in the woods, I love looking at the twee houses on the way. I am pretty happy with my little lot, but it would be wonderful to be able  to afford one of those frankly stunning  houses. I always have a nose through the windows and see the ornate frontings, floor to ceiling bookshelves, huge paintings and quirky ornaments and imagine that I live there.Sigh. Here is a photo showing me looking and probably sighing, ha.

However, I didn't covet this....thing. You are a house, not a ship! 

So yes, that was our day. Oooh, we also purchased some MULLED WINE to have this evening. Oh yes. I love the sweetest, usually cheapest mulled wine in our normagiant wine glasses (seriously, those things can carry half a bottle of wine...for those 'but I only had 2 glasses' excuses). 

Happy weekend. What did you get up to? 


  1. I love your scarf! It's looks so warm and snuggly! :) thank you for your lovely comment on my blog - I am now following! Xx

  2. Yep, autumn walks in the woods are the best :)

  3. The scarf is beautiful and a wonderful contrast to the black :O). Xx

  4. lovely photos and your scarf is the perfect colour for autumn! x

  5. Your scarf is beautiful!!! Love your pictures :-) mmm mulled wine. Think I need to pop to the shops right now. xxxx

  6. You look so stunning all in black with the amazing scarf! That tree is huge!!! Love these photos : )

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  7. You outfit is so lovely. And your mustard color scarf beyond wonderful. Absolutely perfect for fall.

  8. i love the scarf!!


  9. Beautiful Photos! Love your Scarf <3
    follow new ,mind follow back?

    Happy Monday :)