Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mac Collection

I've been thinking of doing a general 'make up collection' post, but the idea seemed to general and messy for my liking, so I decided to break it up into different collections. So far I have posted about my Topshop collection, and now it's time for Mac!

*Paint pot in Rubinesque
*Mineralise finish powder in 'light'
*Studio Sculpt foundation in NC15
*Lipsticks (more on these in a mo)
*Brush in 193
*Sheertone blush in 'Pinch Me'

I also have an eyeshadow in 'Satin Taupe' and brush cleanser (exciting!) that I left in my travel make up case.

*unrelated pause-Tracy Beaker is on in the background and there was just a dramatic moment distracting me, involving shouting, tears and, it appears, a sheep. Cool *


Again, for the sake of efficiency, the colours match up to the names at the top. 

I have to say, I am the biggest lover of faux. It's the most beautiful powder pink colour with a hint of brown. I love it so much that I only wear it on special occasions. How logical!? Duh. Despite my desire to hoard it, it is such a wearable colour, which is part of its appeal. Don't get me wrong, I love vibrant shades, but faux is a shade you can wear with anything, and to anything. It glides on beautifully, and makes me feel sophisticated in an understated way.

Ruby Woo= miss.
I'm sad to say that I can't say the same thing about this shade. I try to make it work, but it just 'ent happening. Take a look.

Just not rocking it, right? 

Maybe that's because it has blue undertones, which evidently don't suit me. I don't know. Do you manage to pull off Ruby Woo? I imagine that it would look better on people with darker/olive skin tones. 

 I also hate the texture of this. I got it aggggggges ago, when Mac lipsticks were still £11.00, so maybe it's just gone funny with age. I still remember it being really difficult and dry when I first got it though. I think it has a matte finish, but even for mattes this was pushing it. Far too dry. It felt like I was pulling sandpaper over my lips (ok, I exaggerate a but, but that's the closest comparison!) This is my only Mac let down. 

Actually, not the only one *oops* I'm also not the biggest fan of the 193 angled foundation brush, the only Mac brush I have. Maybe it's just because it's angled, but I don't find that it's the easiest to use and more often than not I resort to using my fingertips to apply my foundation. Have you got this brush? If yes, and if you like it too, please let me know how to use it properly!  

Blush and Paint Pot 

This is my first Mac blush. I found it so difficult to choose which one to get when I was in the Mac shop, and  it was too busy to ask the MUA. So after several swatches I resorted to Pinch Me which is a deep pink. It is rather pigmented, so paleys like me need to be careful when applying it, as it can give you the permanently embarrassed look, quickly. I'm still a big fan of it though, and, lightly applied, it gives a beautiful pinky finish. I feel that this would suit a lot of skin tones too. 

Paint Pot
I'd wanted a paint pot for ages and contemplated getting Painterley or Bare Study, but I went for Rubinesque because I wanted a colour that I could wear by itself as well as with other things. I'll admit, it's ok. Ok, not amazing. It goes on nicely, stays put for 6/8 hours on me (dry skin) but might not last as long on someone with oily lids. It looks very similar to the Maybelline 24 hour tattos (esp. the shade Eternal Gold, though this is a bit more bronzey too) but the latter costs a fraction of the price. I'll use this, but I won't be repurchasing this shade. I may get a bare colour next time as I'll wear it more often. Would any of you recommend a Mac paint pot, or are they not really worth it?

So there's the Mac collection section of my make up collection (oh how I rhyme).



  1. MAC is so expensive for no reason! x

  2. wow you have such an amazing collection!

  3. I do love the paint pots, but think that the Maybelline colour tattoos are exactly the same for a lot less £. I think Ruby Woo looks great on you, but its all about what you feel comfortable in. xx

  4. I'm so flipping jealous of your make up collection! I would splash my cash a bit on more expensive brands, but half the time I don't really bother with make up (when I really, really should!) so it'd be a waste xxx

  5. I do love Mac's rubensque but I'm the same I probably wouldn't buy it again. I think I like Mac's concealers best, they have really good coverage! xo

  6. Lovely collection, maybe you could use the coral shade that doesn't work on you as a cheek tint ? Bet it would look fab (:

  7. I love that Faux. Might give that one a try.:) I freelance as a makeup artist so I get a discount from the company, but I do agree with the comment above that the regular pricing is quite expensive!

  8. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses

  9. You have such a nice mac collection!

    I'd love to get a mac lipstick but they're too expensive, one day I'll save up enough ha

    Love, Elizabeth xx

  10. I was at the mall yesterday and totally forgot to hit up the MAC counter. Fail.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  11. Quite the collection! I have never tried MAC products based on the price but they sure look lovely. I love reading your reviews, because if I ever do find myself buying a MAC product Ill know what and what not to turn to :]

  12. great reviews on the mac products :) i really don't have much mac stuff but always wonder about everything they have :) in the end i just figure its usually all over priced lol. thank you so much too <3

  13. really gorgeous lip colors! mac is so amazing

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  14. I have Vegas Volt and love it...Ruby Woo looks fab xx

  15. I'm obsessed with MAC lipstick! My two favs are Ruby Woo (of course) and Dubonette! All there colours are gorgeous though right? Great post!
    Hannah xo