Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lovely London

Oh London, you are lovely sometimes, especially when the sun decides to make an appearance.

Now that the rain has stopped (hopefully for a while!) and the bf has finished his PhD, we went on another of our weekend walks. You may be fed up of seeing pictures of London, and if you are, sorry. But if you share the love for my home town then enjoy! Here are a few sneaky peaks of my walk to Regent's Park today.

Sadly, I didn't dress up for the occasion, so no interesting OOTD. In fact, I was ready to go straight to my pilates class, so that's my excuse for looking a tad scruffy.

1. Pretty gates
2. Willow trees! and a few ducks. As you can probably see.
3. People doing a Chinese fan class. At first I thought that this was some sort of yoga class (in the park, very romantic) until they pulled out their fans, peacock like. Looked very cool! 

4. A lovely little deck chair area. Facing a car park, haha. Note the juxtaposition- deck chairs and hooded winter coats; it can work! 

5 &6 Pretty gardens and nut eating squirrel! 

We finished off the walk in typical Georgia style...

with a trip to Starbucks. I got my usual Coffee Frappuccino light (though I usually feel so cold after that I need a hot coffee. Duh) but my bf purchased the new delicious sounding Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino. So indulgent, so good (I had a few sneaky sips). Try it, but it is probably the equivalent of a fat wedge of cake calorie wise. He never gains weight though, lucky thing. 

I'm going to spend the rest of the weekend reading, swimming, going to pilates class and drinking a glass of wine or two in front of trashy tv. Yumzers. 

How's your weekend faring? Do tell me, I like to know...I'm nosy like that! 


  1. nice pics!!
    I love it!!!


  2. You are too cute:) And London always looks awesome to me in pics. Maybe someday, I can take the whole family there.

  3. Looks like such a fun weekend! I've had a boring weekend full of uni essays!

    Sophie x

  4. I love these photos, especially the third one - it's really atmospheric. :) And you look so cute! <3


  5. Lovely post! I wont be doing anything this weekend, full of cold :(
    looks like you had fun and the photos are amazing! I've never been to LDN before!

  6. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. x

  7. Great pics! Last one the best!
    So funny :)

  8. lovely post! starbucks. <333

    & thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. As for my bun, I literally just scrunch my hair into like a ball of hair! haha. x

  9. London, you are indeed very lovely. I hope I can go there one of these days :)

  10. Very lovely! London is so on my wishlist of places to visit (someday)..I like your fur lined coat, chic!
    - Che

  11. Looks so lovely! Sounds like a nice weekend :)

  12. Oh my, this place looks dreamy :)

  13. oh I love London an the parks! The places are really magic :)

  14. Yes you cannot beat London on a sunny day, although I can't think of many sunny days I've seen :) Beautiful pictures.


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  15. That gate is beautiful!

  16. Sounds like my kind of weekend! I wish I lived in London - pictures of it will never get old to me. You are so lucky. That new starbucks drink sounds delish :]

  17. Aw! These are really pretty pictures! Mm. I love Starbucks frappuchinos! And that sounds like a wonderful weekend!

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  18. aww such cute pictures, I love London too, I go about every two weeks to see my boyfriend :) xxx

  19. Great post!