Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Face Mask Time

Yesterday, 3 annoying pimples nastily announced themselves on my chin. Not good. So with this in mind, and feeling like a bit of pampering after a long day, I decided to use my apparently purpose built face mask Anatomicals Farewell the Scarlet Pimpernell, which was a measly £1 from Topshop for a sachet.

I love masks that come in single sachets. They remind me of the girly sleepovers of my teenage years, where we would pamper ourselves with face masks, cucumber for the eyes and lots of gossip. I still have 'sleepovers' with my girl friends now and again, even though I left my teenage years behind a fair while ago. You can't beat them if you ask me.

Anyway, back to the mask:

You wanted to see a photo of the scummy packaging didn't you?

Without the scum, it's pretty simple packaging appeals to me. Clear, to the point and pink to boot.

As I'm fond of oversharing, here is a smexy photo of me in modelling the face mask look:

 The mask is a 'deep cleansing mud mask' that is supposed to help absorb excess oil and help 'control spots and blackheads as it tightens the skin'. Ooh, so probably not best for dry skin like mine in theory, but y'know. I thought I'd give it a try. The result, I have to say, isn't too bad either.

I love the thick, creamy texture of the mask, which you get plenty of in the sachet, which allowed me to slather it on luxuriously (£1 luxury, even better). I left it to dry for 15 minutes and voila! My skin was softer, and not even TOO dry. As I suffer from dry skin, I always end up with dry patches no matter what I use anyway, and my skin was fine after using moisturiser, and as I said, softer.

As I only tried it tonight, the spots are still there, but they are less 'angry' than they were before, thank goodness.

For £1, I'm pretty happy with my little muddy package.

Whilst I'm here, I thought I'd show you my cool art tee. I wear this to relax in/for bed by the way. It shows faces in the style of different artists. My fave is the happy, floaty Dali head!

Hope you're all enjoying the sunshine :)


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  2. Never tried anything from this brand, shall deffo be giving it a whirl now though. Great review :)

  3. Sounds like a good face mask, I seem to be addicted to buying face masks at the moment, so a sachet is great. I love the t-shirt as well. xx

  4. Love the fun pic of you in the face mask! Glad it was such good value :)

  5. Oooo....I'll see if I can find this in our local store. And that shirt is rad!:)

  6. This looks really good! xo

  7. Keihl's has a great Amazon mud mask that's great for breakouts...