Sunday, 3 June 2012

New Ikea Make Up Storage!

The bf and I went on a little trip to Ikea yesterday a) for a day out (of all the things in London, I know...) and b) to get some new storage for my make up/general beauty stuff which was slowly colonising our little apartment.

I had a BRILLIANT day. It's pretty sad how happy Ikea makes me, but I walked around with a permanent smile on my face. I also wanted to buy everything in sight, especially the 'ready made apartments'. Too cool.

We made a day of it and stopped off for some (bottomless!) Cola Light and cake. The Union Jack tray was something that I purchased. I swear, by the end of the Jubilee weekend my house is going to be full of Queenie memorabilia. I am seriously tempted to buy a teatowel with the Queen's face on it.

 One of the down sides to not owning a car. Mini pack horse.

When we finaaalllllly got home, the bf started putting together the furniture for me (I'd be useless at that sort of thing) and then I spent the evening sorting. I forgot just how much I love sorting things, especially the end process where everything is neatly in its place (though my desk wouldn't know it.)

Anyway, here are the products!

1. Little cupboard thing with new mirror and candle (and my teddy bear, Ted. Don't judge me, I've had him since forever!)
2. wooden boxes hidden inside cupboard (let's face it, they're not that pretty!) 
3. The lips and eyeshadow boxes. 
 4. Making use of the old Glossybox boxes

The Union Jack tray that is stored on the little cupboard thing (should stop calling it that) is for my everyday makeup that I will be switching up each week to try and make use of everything I have (shopping the stash as it's called).

So yes. Now I am pretty happy with my little storage situation, and it makes getting ready in the morning a bit more exciting. An organised room makes for an organised need to organise the rest of the apartment before I go back to work. 

Oh, we also bought some cushions, which are very London Transport circa 1995. 

What do you think? 

I love seeing other people's make up storage (cos I'm nosy like that) so if you have posted on this before, you can pop the link below if you like :) Enjoy the rest of the rather soggy Jubilee weekend xx


  1. I LOVE going to Ikea. lol. Great way to store your make up, maybe you could paint to wooden box to make it more colourful? Hope you are having a great jubilee weekend. xx

  2. I love going to Ikea too. My sister and I sometimes go when we are bored (but probably best not to mention that publicly)

    The little ready-made apartments are the best...I once found an entire family napping in one of the rooms on a big bed :D

    Enjoy your long weekend. xx:)

  3. I love Ikea too, haha!:) liking the way you've stored everything!:)xo

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    Kisses from spain

  5. Such a good idea! I really struggle for storage...I just have too many things!

    Sophie x

  6. Ikea makes such a fab day out!

  7. I love Ikea!!! I have had many fun days out in Ikea!!!! lol


  8. I havent been to IKEA for a long time but I have to go some day soon and buy some new things.Its really important to have a beautiful house..
    Lovely post btw :)

    P.S:has your bf finished his phd???Congrats!!!I cant wait for that moment too :)

  9. I am absolutely dying to get to IKEA! In desperate need of storage. I always feel like such a loser because I get so excited in that shop but we all love it so maybe I shouldn't feel like such a saddo! xxx

  10. Love! I need some make up storage so badly! And make up brush holders but I cant find any!!

  11. I like that Union Jack tray.

  12. wow you are so nicely organized, I need to copy some of your ideas ;)