Saturday, 2 June 2012

My eyes like the sunlight...

My eyes seem to change colour all the time. They reflect my mood (so thinks I) and the weather. When it's sunny, my eyes are big and bright, when I'm feeling low, my eyes go a pale shade of grey/dark can happen, right?! My bf (ever the scientist) says that my pupils change size depending on how bright the room is (very light= smaller pupils) which is true, but I think I prefer my theory...

 Eyes on a happy/bright day

Then...eyes on a dull/sad day.
See into the darkness of my soooul?

After that somewhat random post, I wanted to let you know that I'll be around more often now that I have a bit of time off work. I've been super zonked everyday, and fell asleep on the settee at 8pm last night. Definitely time for some time off and blogging fun.

I'm off to Ikea now (funtimes!) but when I get back I'll catch up on all your lovely blogs xx


  1. I like your theory too! Enjoy ikea!

  2. Your eyes are gorgeous! My eyes vary between green, blue and light grey and I definitely feel they go greyer if I'm in a bad mood, haha x

  3. haha cool theory, nice eyes! I think mine do the same they always seem to change :)

    Rose x

  4. It's the same with me, sometimes my eyes are yellow-green, that's my favorite mood. :) You have beautiful eyes, by the way.


  5. I want my eyes to change colour too! Seriously...that's too freakin cool!